what yoyo should i get next?????


right now i have a dark magic 2, i’ve had some problems with it and i was wondering what yoyo i should get next??? I’m a pretty advanced player so can anyone help meeee???


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There’s a ton of stuff out there! Clue us in on what you are considering and what you liked and didn’t like about the dm2.


right now something happend and the string wont wind properly to the yoyo so when i throgh it it is practecally dead. I’m, thinking of “one-uping the dm2” does that help


unfortunatly, your discription dosnt really help identify what your looking for… there are lots of things that can be considered a cut above the dm… what exactly is wrong with the string winding?

good news… i do have a few suggestions for you, not based on anything in particular…
some good and high performing yoyos are yyf protostar (plastic, 35 ), any caribou lodge( very high quality, shapes and sizes vary, usually in the 115 category), G funk( 65$, maximum rim weight for long spins, minimum center weight, for extra agility)

things that typically help people help you are identifying preferences like
number 1 budget, size (by diameter), shape (identify simular yoyos), weight and feel on the string

and these are by no means the only parameters… just some thing that really help narrow down some choices


I’m thinking the response pads need to be replaced in the DM2. Still, the list of possible upgrades is rather large, but even so, the DM2 is a great yoyo on its own.

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I think you should try to identify the problem with your DMII by posting in the maintenance section first, before deciding whether to purchase a new yoyo. You should only purchase a new yoyo if the current yoyo is not suited for your style of play, or your preferences.


thats not necessarely true… there are lots of reasons to buy a new yoyo…
“oooh that one looks cool”, “i need something to cheer me up!”, “i havnt tried that feature yet”, “i dont seem to be getting anywhere… new yoyo, new inspiration”, “happy birthday!”, “oops, im on vacation for a month and i carelessly forgot to bring a yoyo…”


I agree with those excuses.

I was all slated to buy a Phenom and as I typically do, I get distracted and it sits in an open window for a few hours before I complete the transaction.

Turns out my wife went and completed the order for me. I’m a bit confused but I should have it today either way. I STILL want the Phenom… but I won’t go into other details. Maybe I should leave my “wants” like that on my laptop more frequently… but sometimes I use the YYE shopping cart to help to pricing for noobs on the chat room get realistic pricing, especially for over-seas orders.

But, regardless of the reason, buying a new yoyo to avoid learning something is a foolish reason. If the OP wants a new yoyo, then by all means get it. BUT, they are most likely going to run into a similar problem again soon so they should be prepared to know how to deal with the problem.

This Phenom is going to end up in the category now of “to cheer me up” instead of “something I want”, or even “early birthday/christmas”.