Dark magic 2 help

Hey i was wondering about getting the yoyojam dark magic 2 ! but i kinda wanted your preferance :slight_smile:

Yes, the DM2 is great. It comes with a thin and wide bearing for advancing play.

But I just gotta say, get the Raptor.

It’s very smooth, almost vibeless, has 2 removable caps that make a big difference in weight, feel or play, has 2 extra sets of response pads, comes in multiple colors, and has 2 cool laser engravings on the side.

It’s my favorite, and can play up to as well as 100$ yoyo’s. The thing is you might need to swap the bearing or clean the origanal bearing in the Raptor because it is heavily lubed.

But after that, it’s GREAT!

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Well as you can see the DMII is my favorite yoyo and for good reason. It was my first “higher quality” yoyo and to be honest it didn’t disappoint.

I now do most of my tricks on One Drop’s 54 but I still adore my DMII and play with it a lot. The SPEED bearing designed for unresponsive play works great and the responsive bearing does what it needs to do well.

I got my DMII in a translucent orange color and to be honest I would have prefer a solid color. The trans just make the yoyo feel more flimsy even though it makes no difference as far as I know. The metal rims on the other hand, have a great feeling to them.

The silicone response system is pretty good although I found it to be more responsive then I like. I got a KovKave bearing and now it’s fine but before it got a little annoying during slack tricks.

My biggest disappointment, though, was the caps. It was hard to read the the words on them becuase of the trans orange coloring and they shift around a lot when the yoyo is spinning. Removing them makes the yoyo look much less awesome in my opinion but I felt I had too.

Looks aside this yoyo is a monster when it come to tricks. It handles most anything I throw at it and the large gap makes landing the string much less of a chore. The slightly oversize feel of the yoyo is great for play but it looks a little strange in your pocket.

Despite the few dislikes I posted I highly recommend the DMII. Great yoyo for a great price.

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It is an amazing xtarter yoyo, as it comes with responsive and unresponsive bearings. It is very easy to catch string with and looks really cool.

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I vote dm2. It is a very good yoyo. After all, it is the recommended yoyo of this site for a reason.

The dark magic 2 is good, but i think you should get the blitzfire from shen zhou, it has hubstacks, and a smooth anodized finish, and a 10 ball concave bearing. Plus it is only 31.99 plus shipping which is 3 dollars. Want to know where to buy it pm me

i love the blitzfire yoyo…

Hopefully i will too. :slight_smile:

For some reason I dislike the DM2, it’s probably because it’s not fast enough and really big. I prefer the protostar.