what Yo-Yo is better

i just got my first yo-yo is an yoyofactory starlite and i like very much
but im thinking on my secend yo-yo
i have to choices
1- duncan Raptor
2- yoyojam dark magic II

what do you think help me chouse

Raptor, hands totally down. Raptor tends to be smoother and can grind very well. DM2 is hard to finger grind (for me). Raptor has less vibe, and comes also in different colors, 2 removable caps and 2 extra sets of response systems so in total, they give you 3 SETS of silicone pads.

You may find that many people say Dv888 is the choice but many people claim that the Raptor is smoother and more preferable. I also agree that Dv888 is over-rated.

No, I am not spazzing over the Raptor like a commercial. It’s cause it is a great yoyo at an unbeatable price.

Not saying Dv888 and DM2 “lose” to Raptor, in play, they can be equal. I just want to recommend the Raptor.

I think the raptor. I was actually about to buy one. (i ment to say I agree with skeletonboy)

The fact that skeleton is saying that the Raptor is smoother is so not true. The DM2 will be just as smooth, unresponsive, more versatile, and better for your journey because instead of having a full metal yoyo that us unresponive, you have this yoyo that can be both.


I forgot to add “claim”. Any yoyo can be as smooth as the other. But I’ve heard that and I tended to feel that Raptor was smoother. I do not stand strong on that point as some people say it’s smoother and some say it’s not. And DM2 also has metal rims for more rim weight.

It would not be hard to bind on a Raptor even if out of the box. Actually, it is responsive out of the box. Very responsive though it says semi. Thick lube is already applied to the bearing and it’ll take more than enough time to learn bind. Once done learning bind, or thinking to responsive for tricks, swap or clean the bearing. Dead unresponsiveness.

I am just saying what happened to me and my preferences as the results may vary.

Raptor, it is great fullmetal yoyo and it is cheaper then most of metal yoyo

From what I’ve heard Raptor is the way to go.

Cough Hitman pro Cough

Dark magic 2.
The raptor comes semi-responsive so that means you have to buy a new bearing (which can cost up to 30$) if you want totoal unresponsivness.
The dark magic 2 is very smooth and I can do finger grinds easily with it, so I’m not sure what that other guy was talking about. Mine came with a responsive and non-responsive bearing so you have more options. It comes in cool colors and the caps come out so thumb grinds are easy. the only problem I’ve had with the dark magic 2 is that the metal scratches easily if you hit the ground. But if you take good care of the DM2 that won’t be a huge deal.

Not true, I play mine w/ the stock bearing, all you need to do is clean it and it is dead unresponsive.

As far as the question @ hand…Both are AWESOME throws, you won’t go wrong either way.

DM2 and Raptor are both as smooth as you need them to be and neither is better than the other.

For me, the only drawback with the Raptor is the sharp rim edges. It’s just not a comfortable catch for me.

I would go with the rim weight and IRG of the DM2.

It takes barely any money to make the Raptor unresponsive. Just clean the bearing. 30$ bearings are ceramic konkaves in which I don’t think that’s a drawback because dead unresponsivness with a new bearing can be achieved by under $10.

And the “other guy”, which I assume you’re talking to me, I stand on that point strong for my DM2.
The DM2 I got, grips me pretty much and bounces on the finger. Not as extreme as Proto or Northstar though, as they just pop off my finger whenever I try to finger grind.
When I got the DM2, I was hoping to get a great, smooth, stable, wobble free finger grind. As I said, it bounced quite a bit for me.
But the metal rims are totally suitableand smooth for palm grinds.

Thanks for your help
i think ill go on the raptor i like it better