Can't decide which one!

Speeder 2 or Duncan Raptor?
I’m going back and forth on which one i should get.
I need reviews on specifications for both and which one would be better.
Which one do you guys prefer?
Thanks in advance :wink:

And now i see that the Dv888 is good also, so help please? :frowning:

Arrggheem…Hi, my name is Skeletonboy. snickers

The Raptor is quite smooth on the string, and on grinds, it plays extremely well, has got little vibe, has 2 removable side caps for different weight and feel, comes with 2 extra sets of response systems, grinds very smooth, like a koala on a tree, has many colors to choose from, has a nice fancy laser engraving on each side, does every trick easily and has a nice comfortable shape, with that said, no one can go wrong with it. BREATHES.

I don’t know how many times I’ve typed this paragraph. And no, I don’t copy and paste this paragraph. I re-type it every time.

Speeder 2 is a Bi-Metal as I know they do the same tricks as any other would, but I feel metal is more stable.
And as for Dv888, many people even claim that the Raptor is smoother or even “better” although there is no better yoyo.

This is going to be a tough battle, quite tough.

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All of them is a capable player.
I haven’t try the speeder 2 yet though.

I feel the raptor is less stable than the DV888, and faster without its caps.

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Definetly the Raptor. My friend has one, and I LOVE to throw it.

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speeder 2 i tried the raptor and hated it quickly sold it to my friend at school

Everyone is disagreeing -_-
But i’m seeing the Raptor and Dv888 are my top choices now :slight_smile:

It’s too bad most of us can’t try before we buy. It won’t stop such postings, but it could help buyers make better decisions for themselves.

Yoyo is so subjective. But I think that’s what also makes it cool too.

It’s annoying because you can only buy them based on reviews and there description.

My top three yoyo choices are the Mini Motrix, Dv888, and the Raptor. But i can only get two.
So one of those has to go.
The reason i want the mini motrix is because i’ve heard it’s good for your pocket, small.
But i’ve heard that the Dv888 is also small, so should i just get the Dv88 and the Raptor?
Forget about the Mini Motrix? Help?
If the Dv88 is gonna fit well in my pocket, as the Mini Motrix would, i’d just get that, so i’m not sure what i should do. :frowning:

From What I’ve heard, you should get a Raptor and a DV888. And new bearings if you don’t want to wait for the yoyo to break in.

Well if you’re gonna go undersized Mini or Dv888 is great, but Raptor isn’t that big. And I recommend something different. Raptor and Dv888 play the same and are so similar, that’s why there is so much of a conflict between them.

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Get a zen series yoyo. They are all 45$ and all the zens have different shapes. Just get the one you like the most. I personally love the Zen 5

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Duuuude i hadn’t even seen any of those! BIG THANK YOU! Which would you recommend?
So i think i’m gonna go with the Dv888 for the size and isn’t the bearing on the Raptor responsive? as for the Dv888 isn’t. Which i prefer.

Almost EVERY person who plays a Raptor, it’s UNresponsive. You just need to either swap the bearing with another bearing, or just simply clean it. That’s ALL you need. No wonder people
under-estimate the Raptor. But if you like the size of Dv888, go for it.

Mission Failed.

Dont worry, you’ve already persuaded a lot of people to buy the duncan raptor already.

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Mssion failed?! No way man! I’m GOING to get a Raptor, no doubt. Just not now. When i get the money, the raptor is a for sure thing thanks to you!(: