I know people dislike when people ask questions like this but I would like opinions… I am looking to get my first Metal-Yo. It is down to the duncan raptor or the yoyofactory DV888. I would like to see your veiws on both yoyos and which one you preffer. I have researched both of them for about a month and am undecided. Please help my descision.

i like the shape, size, feel, play, look, colors, and stability of the raptor. the raptor imo plays smoother than the dv888, it has tons of cool colors, two removable caps for weight, two extra sets of pads.

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Thanks for that bit of information, and thank you for not bashing me.

Yes, Raptor all the way. It is very smooth, almost vibeless, has 2 removable caps for different feel, weight , play, 2 extra sets of response pads (3 in total), comes in many colors, has 2 nice laser engravings on the side, plays very well and just amazing.

The Dv888 is not a bad choice, but people claimed that Raptor is smoother.

Raptor is a perfect sized yoyo for me, it isn’t too big like a PGM, but not too small. Dv888 is undersized, so don’t be surprised if you found out that it’s undersized. Dv888 has a H-Shape, while the Raptor has a wing shape.

It’s the almost vibe less part that get’s me. The raptor and the dv888 are both great, go for the one that has the shape, size, etc. that you prefer.

Raptor has vibe? Mine feels quite smooth to be completely honest.

They are completely different yoyos. Dv888 is an undersized yoyo that actaully plays very well. THe raptors is a full sized yoyo that plays very well. The Dv888 grinds really well, but I am not sure if the raptor grinds well. TBH, unless you like undersized yoyo (like me), you would be better off with a raptor. IMO though I would rather have a Dv888 because I don’t really like full sized yoyos

They both grind the same. IMO, Dv888 is just over-rated.

well the raptor comes semi-responsive which isnt a big deal if you know how to clean a bearing. Or you can buy a new bearing which can cost from 5 to 30$. I was facing the same question about a week ago and i e-mailed the yoyoexpert (Contact@yoyoexpert.com) and he “hands down” recomends the dv888. Honestly ive heard a lot of great things about the dv888. But you cant go wrong with either choice.
Look at the stats, think about what kind of tricks you like to do (if you like fast tricks then get the smaller or lighter yoyo).
personally i would go for the dv888 because yoyofactory is better known for high quality yoyos. Duncan used to just mass produce cheap yoyos to sell at toys r us but they are getting some pretty impressive stuff now-a-days (raptor, exit 8 etc)
raptor is a cooler name tho :stuck_out_tongue:

i think duncan has steped up there game with the raptor and i think the raptor is the same maybey better than a dv888. and bigger yoyos can be fast and floaty too like the raptor… raptor FTW

Ahhemm, excuse me? Higher quality yoyo’s are also made from Duncan. Duncan made the Metal Zero, Butterfly, Imperial, they are cheap and sold in stores, but that proves nothing. Mayhem, Freebird, Hugo Z Hor are GREAT high end yoyo’s. I can not find a way to say “because YYF is better known for high quality”. Duncan is another company that sells both type of yoyo’s.

Before I bought my Raptor, I was in the same boat…couldn’t decide if I wanted an 888 or a Raptor, had access to both at the Triple Crown BAC event. I’m sure the 888 plays well but I heard nothing but greatness about the Raptor. When I saw that Duncan was selling the Triple Crown versions of the Raptor, I immediately made my decision as I wanted a “Triple Crown souvenir” plus an awesome yo at the same time. Rest assured, the Raptor plays amazing! There’s no IRG area though you could thumbgrind if you do a crooked enough throw. Finger and arm grinds are pretty good, nice and slick. It was very responsive of the box and I could only get 15-second sleepers from it, I could feel it slowing down and barely returning to my hand after 15 seconds. Once I got home I popped a clean bearing in it and it played like a completely different yo…plays right up there with my (supposed to be a $60) yoyo.

You picked a raptor over an 888?! :o

skeletenboy, do you even have a dv888?

And incase you did notice, i said duncan ‘USED’ to make primarily cheap yoyos. i was just giving duncans backround

also incase you didnt notice i said (raptor, exit 8 ETC) the ETC indicates i am listing more items (mayhem, momentum ETC).
perhaps read my post before bashing? thanks

Why, what’s wrong w/ that? In my opinion the Raptor blows the Dv888 out of the water.

you will get mixed answer here ;D ;D ;D

different opinions…so what i did …bought the 2 yoyo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: :D…

Hobo-yo, I am reffering to the fact that “I would go for the Dv888 because YYF is better known for higher quality yoyo’s.”

It’s that that catches me.

Lol thanks for all of the opinions, but I just got a almost new SPYY Stryker for $45 from my neighbor lol, I don’t think I possibly couldve gone wrong with it. Thanks for all of your opinions everybody.

Gratz! I always wanted a spyy stryker haha