DV888 or Duncan Raptor or YoYo Jam SR-71?

Which plays the best out of all of them?

well raptor isn’t too smooth on the string but dv888 is but IDK about SR-71.
I think it’s dv888 cause bi-metals have quite a bit of vibe even with SSA. IDK if SSA takes eaway vibe but bi-metal has to have more vibe than all metals. so dv888 is my preferance.

They all play good. What are you looking for in a yo-yo? The DV888 is undersized and has flat rims. The SR-71 and Raptor all both full sized with different profiles and weight distributions.

I own and like all of them but I am partial to the one with my name on it :slight_smile:

Well I think you should buy a DV888 because it is full metal and smooth, but it is undersized

ok so i guess i probably should get a dv888 and or a sr-71 then

how do you figure? i have owned 5 scince they came out at worlds last year and they are smooth as friggen butter and quite possibly the best yoyo out there for $40 bucks. thats my 2 cents.

well raptor seems to be more "rough on string like most people say dv888 is “sososo smooth”. even though but it actually is more over than a raptor. how do i figure? I research and try.

i would go for a raptor

any reasons?

the shape and look is the most intersting for me but that my opinion… any of them are good

While im sure the DV888 might be an okay throw (im not much for YYF), i would say get a raptor, man. It really is a terrific throw for 40 bucks. plays better than alot of their higher priced screaming eagle line, and uses a flowgroove response system, so silicone it and youll be set. plays nice a stable, slightly faster and more agile with the caps off.

dv888 is more smoother than raptor. dv888 is also one of the best for grinds. dv888 is also considered a high end. has less vibe than a raptor. yes raptor vibes a tiny bit. well why not dv888.

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