DV888 or Raptor

Hey guys, I need some big help. Two guys are offering me:
I know the DV888 is worth more, but doesn’t the Raptor play better? They’re both $30. PLEASE HELP!!!

I have a Dv888 and im glad i do, its smooth, has nice spin times, and i like yyf more then duncan, but its all in your preference. I dont have a raptor, but from what i’ve heard it sounds nice, oh and the raptor comes out responsive, so if you are ok with that, but get the dv888 if you are advanced, but get the raptor if you are intermediate-adavanced and are ok with responsiveness

last i checked they were 40 :confused:

anyways, imo, dv888 plays better, and now we wait for skeleton boy to come in…


Raptor is suitable for any player. I think it has also won the EYYC YoYo Championships. Oh, and youre still thinking the guy who won EYYC is an intermediate-advanced player? Oh my. You can easily swap the bearing with something else. Maybe that old Kickside with a YYJ Speed bearing inside and swap that into the Raptor and BAM, a yoyo that is just as good if not better, than a Dv888 or even comparable to a 100$ yoyo. Or you could simply clean the bearing. Or if you really are lazy or got some bucks to spend, get a new bearing (not recommended). Dv888 is great too, but I just cant beleive that you said Raptor is for if you`re inter-advanced. -_-

Comes in PRO TIP: Carl, Brace yourself before I can hold it any longer…

Raptor is extremely smooth. and it has nice spin times…@Pizzaparty…it also comes with 2 removable caps. Also for in case, there are also 2 extra sets of response systems. 3 in total. Comes in many colors, got a nicelaser engraving design on each side. Incredibly smooth on grinds as though both don’t have IRG ridges. You will not go wrong with either, but I will stand by and watch the debation…

minute I saw the title I thought of you skeletonboy :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think he has to worry about the responsiveness though. I’m guessing from the fact that he said two guys were offering them, that he’s buying used. meaning it’s probably already been made unresponsive.

but you really can’t go wrong with either. I still have yet to try out a raptor, but everyone says it’s great, so I’ll take their word for it.
I’ve thrown a dv888 before, and it’s spectacular for $45. easily compares to my more expensive yoyos.
Do you prefer oversized or undersized?

I haven’t tried the dv888 but i like the raptor. It is great for the price.

In response to something said about the Raptor coming responsive…it doesn’t. Or at least mine didn’t.
The Raptor is really a pretty incredible throw. $40, and the smoothest yo-yo I own. Most yo-yos don’t “wow” me on the first throw. I play with them for a while, and while I like them very much they grow on me gradually more and more as I play, as I get the feel for the yo-yo. The Raptor wasn’t like that. The Raptor made me think “wow” on the first throw. I thought it was going to a really good yo-yo, but I was prepared for it not to be this super awesome thing everyone had been talking about, the Raptor gets a lot of hype, and I got mine a lot later than a lot of people, but the Raptor deserves all the attention its getting.

As for the DV888 I’m sure it’s a good yo-yo, but I’ve never thrown one so I can’t say anything about it.

i like the feel of the raptor better personally and i have the purple one it looks great too

Get the raptor. I read some reviews and was considering getting it myself