The YYF Dv888 vs. The Duncan Raptor


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Hello Yo Frrrreaaaaks! What’s going on in your neck of the woods today???

I’d like to begin by saying that this comparison is not wholly fair in my opinion because there are certain nuances that make the yoyos different Therefore the ONLY REAL REASON to even bother with such a comparison is because they are at least, both the same stock weight and relatively close in price: The Raptor is $39.99 and the Dv888 is $44.99. Hopefully the following observations may help some people who have not tried these yoyos yet and are not sure.


RAPTOR: 2011 DV888:

Style: String Trick (1a, 3a. 5a) (1a, 3a, 5a)
Diameter: 54mm/ 2.13 inches 50.04 mm/ 1.97 inches
Width: 39.6mm/ 1.56 inches 40.58mm/ 1.6 inches
Gap Width: 4.4mm/ .17 inches 4.67mm/ .18 inches
Weight: 66 grams (caps off) / 2.33 Oz. 66 grams 2.33 Oz.
Bearing: Size C Size C
Response: Duncan Silicone Pad K-Pad
Trapeze Width: 38mm/ 1.50 Inches 27mm/ 1.06 inches
Designed in : USA USA
Made in: China China
Ages: 12+ 8+

The Raptor is an exciting budget yoyo that is a great example of what Duncan can do when they want to. And here they are flexing a bit of muscle: Included are two clear plastic side caps which add 5 grams more to the yoyo making it weigh 71 grams and 2 extra sets of silicone pads. Just this alone makes it an irresistible impulse buy. And with a name like the Raptor which is a predator, it sounds really cool. Plus the wing shape of it is rather aggressive, and kind of looks like a Raptor claw. COOL!!

The Raptor has incredible looking finishes. The colors are so deep, rich and vibrant. When I saw them the first time in the sun light, I was blown away. They just glow! And the finish on this is superb. Feels like glass, super slick.

The handling of the Raptor is very very good . It is comfortable to hold as well as on returns. It is very lofty with the caps off, and has fairly decent speed. It has good stability and is very smooth. The Raptor has a catch zone making for easy catches and it’s slick surface reduces string friction meaning no snags and no drag… The 4.4mm gap easily accepts multiple string layers, and binds are nice and tight.

Grinding on the Raptor is excellent for finger, palm and arm only. It’s inner rim leaves much to be desired if you like to do IRG’s. Aside from this, the Raptor can handle any trick you throw at it. Whether you’re just starting out or are an advanced player, you can do it all.

The Raptor does have a couple items I don’t like though. At 66 grams (caps off) I feel it doesn’t spin as long as it could. I get more spin from other throws I have at 66 grams such as the YYF Chaotic, OD 54(with brass domes), the YYJ SFX and YYF Dv888 (the latter two revolving around the $40 mark). From the pics below, you can see how the Raptor’s inner rim is cut off to accept the caps. I prefer the rim to extend fully out to the edge to give it more natural stability and increased spin. You need to play with the caps on for the design to play up to it’s full potential. The point there, is it plays a lot slower and more sluggish. Personally, I dont like the caps as they make the yoyo look less appealing. The Caps are also made of very cheap and brittle plastic. You must be cautious when taking them off.

I feel that there is room for improvement with the Raptor as Duncan could have made a thicker inner rim so there’d be greater spin time, better balance and we could do Irgs! But hey, you can’t have everything at $39.99. (Yet).

YYF Dv888:

The boast about the Dv888 is that it’s the best full metal budget yoyo on the market so why wouldn’t you want to buy one? Well if you’re an undersized lover, it’s a no brainer, but if you don’t have size preferences and don’t take the extras into consideration, then it’s really about performance.

The Dv888 has an appealing compact look. It’s form is a combination of the Round and H Shape with very visible thick rim weight on it’s flat rims. There are letters printed on the sides of the rims which give the yoyo a racing tire look. It really looks cool, no doubt. It currently comes in 3 finishes, Blue, Red and Gun Metal Grey. I bought the grey one since they don’t have Black yet.

The feel of the yoyo is also very comfortable. It’s different from the Raptor, but equally comfortable. It’s dimensions offer really good torque on the throw too. Moreso than the Raptor in my opinion. The Dv888 comes to you totally unresponsive and is an excellent, excellent performer. For an entry level YYF budget throw, it lives up to it’s boast and plays as good as higher priced throws. I’m not kidding either. I’ve bought 9 other undersized throws from various brands, including, the 2011 Yuuksta, (2) YYF 888x’s, YYFChaotic, SPYY Supra, SPYY Stryker, ST Quark, ST Singularity, and Hspin Pyro 3. The Dv888 can definitely keep up with them, just do a simple sleeper test and you’ll see (I got 5:12). For $44.99, it gives you a lot of bang with high end performance.

It has excellent balance and stability and carries momentum to great lengths throughout play. It has very good float, and has more speed than I originally thought. It has a nice wide catch zone making catches easy. It has a wide gap for easy layering of string and there is also no string snag or drag. Grinding on the Dv888 is excellent! I find it’s surface to be juwt excellent for finger, palm, arm grinds and IRGS too! I got it to grind for 8 sec edging out the Raptor’s 5.5 sec grind. Also, you can reach master level tricks with it absolutely with no problems.

As of this writing I’ve not found any shortcomings with this design in relation to it’s price point.


In Terms of Value, the Raptor beats the Dv888 because of the extra sili stickers and caps and costs less.

In Terms of Color ,the Raptor edges out the Dv888 as it offers more vibrant colors to choose from. (Of course this issue may be very subjective).

In Terms of Weight, the Raptor beats the Dv888 as it offers up to 3 different weights that you can play and experiment with.

In Terms of Surface Finish, the Raptor is smoother to the touch.

In Terms of Smoothness, At 66 grams, I find both very comparable. After doing several fingernail tests on both, I can’t put one above the other as both are equally smooth!!!

In Terms of Speed, I find them both comparable.

In Terms of Comfort, they are both very comfortable despite being different shapes!

Finally, after running the string trick gauntlet with both yoyos, through repetitious observation, trial and Strictly comparing both throws stock at 66 grams, I consider the Dv888 to be the winner by close margin,on the following points:

The Dv888
1. Spins longer than the Raptor during combo sleep time as well as undisturbed sleepers.
2. Carries more power and momentum.
3. Is even more stable from beginning to end.
4. Can do IRGs (Raptor Can’t).
5. Can fit into tighter string segments and spaces.
6. Has better balance throughout play.

(The Raptor is not too far behind the Dv888 but the diff. is there).

BUT things Change favorably when you put the Caps on the Raptor. At 71 grams, the playing field becomes more level between the two. But then this comparison is not fair to the Dv888. The added weight improves spin, stability, momentum, balance and smoothness on the Raptor. But the extra weight does make it play slower and more sluggish than the Dv888, and there is still no IRG on the Raptor. If I were to grade these 2 in relation to each other in gym class, performance wise, the Dv888 would get an A and the Raptor a B+…The Raptor is a beast for sure, but the Dv888 is more Beast!

Bottom Line: Every player may have diff needs and perspectives you know?? Size and weight preferences, etc. Both yoyos have great appeal, assets and benefits as you can see. There are several reasons to choose the Raptor over the Dv888 despite the 6 points listed above Such as price, value, colors and weights. so If you do get one, you’ll be satisfied with it guaranteed.

BUT if you are very, very demanding and a real nit picker that can spend the extra $5 bucks, then I’d recommend the Dv888!!! As you’d be getting a stream lined powerhouse with even more high end performance that you’d expect to find in some higher priced throws…


raptor rulez


Raptor over any YYF any day
I’ve tried a dv888 and I wasn’t impressed. it just felt like a full metal X-con.
I tried the raptor and my friend had to take it from me because he had to leave


Well, thanks for the post, But your generalized statement has little validity because you don’t own the Raptor. And you do not own every YYF model made to make such a gross assumption. The way you express yourself only shows antagonism against YYF. Especially since the Raptor is not intended to wipe out higher priced throws. They have higher end throws like the momentum for that.


The DV888 is my main wheel and workhorse at the moment. Im looking into getting a nicer one for use in the house (less cosmetic damage obviously, cept when it hits the fan again shrug)


Reddsigma, overall this was a good review and comparison. However, there is one mistake in your Raptor spcecs. It uses Silicone Groove (SG) stickers and not regular sili stickers. The SG stickers are very much like YYF’s CBC pads, and aren’t as grabby as sili pads, and can be replaced with flowable sili.

Also, a lot of people have been stating that the Raptor’s caps are thin and brittle, but I believe that that is a misconception. Being clear, molding marks and flash show up on the Raptor cap, but they are just as tough as the caps on a FHZ. Other than the look, they appear to have the same weight and flexibility as opaque Duncan caps.


raptor is a great yoyo, no doubt…


Thanks for the input Hakysak! About the caps though, I put that in there because a bit of mine chipped off on the edge from using a pin. And it was just a bit you know. I felt them very very cheap. So I use the suction cup method to avoid any further damage.

Thanks for taking the time to make excellent input!


Mine is too! I could have saved a lot of money by just buying one of these at the start. It takes me to the same levels as my $100 throws. It’s a benchmark design, no doubt. Thx for the post!


The thing about the caps was just something I thought about after reading a lot of people state the brittleness of the cap. It was not meant as a critique of your review. Maybe I should have put it in a different thread.
I wonder if there’s just a bad batch of caps floating around, or if Duncan just changed the cap’s qualities to cut costs. I got my Raptor when they first released them on YYE, and that’s plenty of time for things to change.


Oh no worries. I did not read it as a critique either. I have an MS and MBA, and believe me, when you go through 2 different grad school programs like that, you know about being critiqued! hehehe.

Perhaps there could be some bad batches of caps. Who knows. Thanks again for the post!


Dv888 is alright. While it does perform well and is worth the money, I don’t think it compares to higher end throws.


That’s really the point of it all, the performance relative to it’s price point. However I do the same satisfaction with it as with my Spyys, and Hspin and other YYF’s. Kind of surprising to me but it’s true. Thanks for the input Swatnoodle!


Oh and… I’m not completely sure you would call the Dv888 an H-shape. It is more off a classic butterfly/h-shape hybrid. H-shapes usually have some sort of step up into the rims, like the Genesis, superstar, Code 1, etc.


well, i did say combination round and h shape. ;D


oh… Derp, Must have missed that when I was reading. My bad. Good comparison dude. People have been waiting for this.


Thanks for the props. No problem about the misreading. What’s most important here is that you, as well as Hakysak, took the time and concern to help out. And that’s a good thing, especially to the reader. So thanks!


Good review man. Very thorough, I wish more people did them like this


Thanks very much and have a good one!


You know why I post here. Arrgghhhh…How could you.

I poked and slashed the caps over 50 times, there are only 20 marks. And no cracking. Pretty sure you just got the unlucky batch.