Best end yoyo $35-45

Looking for the best ending yoyo around 35-45, been thinking about dm2, 888, etc

dv888 never look back

Raptor or dv888

Or b/s/t

i would get northstar i personally like it alot more than my dv888

Raptor bro’. Raptor and just get it.

It’s very smooth on the string as well as on grinds, plays like a BOSS, comes with 2 removable caps, includes 2 extra sets of response systems or 3 in total, comes in many colors, so smooth on any grind, does any trick on the list, perfect for 1A play and if you question it’s liability, EYYC 1A 1st has it’s place, also has a cool laser engraving on each side, with that said how can you go wring with the Raptor?

And some people even claimed to say it was smoother and more playable than the Dv888. Either way though, they both don’t have IRG’s.

BST is the best option if you want quality throws for a cheap price

just wondering why people who advise the raptor can’t admit that the DV888 is just as nice and as good as a choice. I don’t see it the other way around. Both are very good and cheap throws and it should come down to whichever the guy prefers aesthetically, full size or undersize etc…

I’ve played both and while my choice is on the DV888, this is personal, and objectively, the raptor is also very good, can’t go wrong with any of them.

and both get beaten by chinese stuff that costs half the price, play wise

aye, b/s/t is definitely the best way to go.
I’ve gotten an 888 for 36, a lunatic for 35, and an xcalibur for $20. all almost mint.

Also getting a josy ann for 50 :smiley:

And you are saying so to…

Raptor all the way! It plays great, honestly a lot better than my dv888.

I’m the kind of guy, if I want to say something to someone in particular, I’ll do it in PM

personally, I don’t like the raptor, but objectively, it plays great, I’m not a fan of the shape, size, general feel, but performance wise, I am able to admit that it does play great and could suit some other people.

in general, I find lots of people who openly support duncan to lack this objectivity.

When I don’t like something that many other people like, I prefer to question myself and find out what I am missing rather than thinking all the other people are wrong and I’m right. Don’t get me wrong, it can be the case, but I honestly don’t think it is, right here and right now.

the DV888 is as good as a choice as a Raptor, purely performance wise, it all comes down to personal preference. if you like undersize, solid throws, go for the DV, if you like full size, floatier throws, go for the duncan, but performance wise, they’ll both deliver equally good performance.

Some say the Raptor is smooth, while all those I’ve tried have a little vibe, others say the dv is smooth, Both DVs I own also have that tiny vibe (one more than another)

But when I have yet to see someone who advises a Raptor, not dissing the DV888 at the same time.

I don’t like the Beatles, but I recognize that they did great quality music, that’s a fact that I can’t deny
I don’t like Duncan as a brand and I don’t like their way to conduct their busine$$, but I recognize that the Raptor is a good performing yoyo for a nice price, that’s also a fact. it’s not because I don’t like it that others wouldn’t. it’s not a bad yoyo, it’s just a yoyo that I don’t like because of my personal preference.

Duncan do make great yoyos and I think I am objective enough to admit it even tho I don’t like the brand, these are two different things. Many people hate on YYF and are absolutely unable to at least admit that YYF throws can be as good as performers than any other brands. I’m not a big fan of YYF throws either, actually, they don’t really fit my requirements (rare, best build quality, looks) and aside of both my DV888 (one stacked, one not) and the one I got so I could get other people to try yoyoing, I don’t have any, nor intend to buy some in the future, these throws are not for me.

when I see statements that the raptor plays better than the DV, I know for a fact that it is not true, they both play about the same, purely performance wise (sleep time, stability and whatnot)

and then again, I’ve tried $20 throws that actually outplay both of these by far, very very far, that’s also a fact.

whats a bst??,9.html
it’s a subforum found on here and the other big website where people buy, sell, and trade their yoyos.

you can get some fantastic deals.

Buy/Sell/Trade. There is a whole board on this website about it.

I see where you’re going. I can agree with you, that they are equal, as thought since I started yoyoing. Neither is better than another totally.
People talk about the differences and compare them. But some differences can be different than others depending on personal preference.

I am aware of my speeches about Raptor and Dv888 and I really have nothing to be regretting about it, the only sentence that seems disrespectful is the second last sentence and that’s why I added “claim” to make it more in-direct.

Anyways, just don’t take it too offensive. :wink:

I’ve never really tried a Raptor, but I have tried a dv888, honestly I don’t like it, but it is a great yoyo. What i have tried is most of the YYJ Bi-metals, most of them are very stable and they feel very nice, plus most of them come with 2 bearings, 1 for responsive and 1 for unresponsive.

I have tried the DMII and DV888 and I would personally get the DMII if I were you. The DV888 does play great in the beginning but My K-Pads both fell out and I’m too broke to get some more or get some flowable silicone, But anyways They are both really great throws for the price. Whatever way you go Is good.
Hope this Helped,
YYF lover