What yoyo should I get? (Final decision)

I’ve done my research, asked you guys, now I came down to my last good yoyos. The Dark magic 2, the Protostar, and the Raptor. P.S. I know what your going to say skeletonboy333, let others reply!

yeah skeletonboy333 basically worships the raptor…

i would go with a dark magic probably. Mine worked great for me, it brought me from a begginner to advanced in a short time. It can take a lot of punishment. i beat up mine so much and it could still spin for a while. eventually it broke because the threads on the inside of the yoyo striped but thats because i unscrewed the yoyo to many times. its also great at grinds

It’s seems pretty heavy being 69 g, is it still good?

it doesnt feel too heavy. to me it feels about the same as my northstar (weight-wise). and yes the DM2 is a beast of a throw. it smooth, not much vibe, pretty good spin times, great grinds, easily modable, overal legit

theres a reason why its the featured product here :slight_smile:

how bout the protostar?

The dork mogic is a heavy beast. Period. But YYJ designed it to be as floaty as possible so that it would taste pretty good.

The Protostar is just plain SEXY. It is just an all around good throw that everyone should have.

The Rapter is a heaven built into a cheap but good yoyo. It is smooth, metal, and shiny; these are the qualities that attract other other people who yoyo, chicks, and kids.

Although these throws are good I recommend the YYJ Kickside. But since nobody ever listens to my recomendatins out of what you stated I would pick the Rapter since you seem like you would know your jelly by now.

Will the raptor be able to grind? Also, what’s so good about the kickside, and does it have an adjustable gap?

The raptor would probably be the best at grinding.

Yes the Rapter will grind and it will be pretty. I don’t know dude everyone has their own preference. I like the KS cause of the weight distribution, material, and overall feel of it. I usually prefer using it other than metals cause it’s unresponsive (after breking in bearing) and it’s easy to teach with.

I’m going to get the kickside now because my mom said I couldn’t get any expensive yoyo until she sees my state standard test scores. So what yoyos can it outperform?

get an aoda pirate or speed team, play like premium metals, cost like half what a DV888 costs

if you want cheap, plastic, get a “one” over a kickside or lyn

starlites are also good players for 20 bucks (GITD version of the protostar, a bit lighter)

and get your grades straight

I already have the ONE, and what brands are the aoda pirate and the speed team?

aoda’s the brand

I suggest you stick with the Kickside, or the Lyn Fury, if you prefer undersized yoyos. I have tried both, and I would say they are worth trying.

No, I’m not going to say the same thingWell maybe*

I just prefer the Raptor over DM2 because I feel that it’s smaller, and yes it is. If you get fed up with slightly bigger throws, DM2 might not be your choice although it isn’t the most huge among all other yoyo’s on the market.

The DM2 has IRG, tends to be easier to catch on the thumb for thumb grinding, this may also be a factor if you like thumb grinding. But on the other hand, the Raptor grinds smoother on finger grinds IMO.

They both play the same amount of tricks, none is better. But I just like to recommend the Raptor for the 739th time.