Need quick answer

Which yoyo here is best?

delrin severe



Shinwoo dolphin


Help me pick which one is best for most flow and speed tricks

Most people will say the top 3 you posted.

My personal favorite of them all would be the Raptor.

I also appreciate any recommendations anyone has to make

I would go protostar… Severe is right there behind it

Ok thanks

I see your budget and suggest you get Recreational Revolution f(x). Honestly, it beats many of the big names in play.

I’m in love with the Raptor. It was one of my first yoyos, and still probably my favorite.

Can’t go wrong with a Protostar. And the Victor Gravitsky Protostar looks awesome.

I’d have to disagree with andy569, I think the Severe is your top choice there, I have the Protostar and Severe, and they aren’t similar, the Severe is way more quiet and smooth, it feels great in hand (protostar feels a little big) also you can’t Grind with the Protostar, while with Severe it’s actually very very easy to learn arm/finger grinds.

PS: next time please post these kind of questions in the “Help/Recommendation” section :slight_smile:

Goodluck! Let me know if you have any questions :smiley:

Didn’t like the Severe. Preferences. However, it’s probably your best bet here.
dv888 just doesn’t connect well for me. Rim-heavy, easy to knock off axis, doesn’t seem to want to be pushed too fast. Very small.
Haven’t tried the Shinwoo Dolphin.

Protostar is a speedy plastic.

Raptor may be no frills, but is a good flowy yoyo with great performance. If you’re not pleased with the performance after cleaning the bearing(or replacing it), remove the caps to adjust the weight.

I think you’re leaning towards the Protostar.

In case you haven’t noticed by all the different answers, it’s completely a preference thing. It’s like asking “which is the tastiest food?”

Just pick the one you like the look of the most, and buy it. You can’t really go wrong with any of these choices.

Raptor for me. Because it was my first metal throw and its cheap tho! :wink:

Im gonna get the Protostar

No to the shinwoo, IMO they are junk.

The DV888 and raptor are similar in recommendation ways. The DV888 and Raptor are first metal suggestions. But I see you already have metals so I would go for the Protostar or Severe.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the two.



Best plastic out there, lighter than the Shaqlerstar for fast play. Nice shape for 1a and 5a. Dead Smooth out of the box.


Can crack. The spacers can get super annoying and you can mess then up and have to buy new ones. And if you somehow do something with the axle it will get vibe and will be impossible or extremely hard to fix. I got vibe from my brand new Shaqlerstar star that has so far been in fixable.

Delrin Severe


It’s Delrin, I don’t think annoying has had a Delrin yoyo crack. Not sure but it’s pretty darn tough… It is similar in shape to a Supernova wich is a top notch 1a and 5a player. It does not have spacers.


Only comes in black and white whereas the protostar comes in some colors. It has caps if you don’t like caps. That’s pretty much all.

So, IMO a Delrin severe is better choice…

Out of all of them, probably the raptor

What experience do you base this on? Have you ever played one?

I actually just ordered a Duncan Raptor.

There was one Purple one left and I had to have it :slight_smile:

Also got some kitty string in white, a case, and a new axle for my DNA

Nice choice man. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. :smiley:


Thank you all for your help. I’m glad I made the right choice!

I love how that purple raptor looks.


Same here, I’ve never tried a raptor, but here its really good