What yoyo should I get?

I have been thinking about getting a new affordable yoyo. What should I get: YYF DV888, YYF Yuuksta, YYF Northstar, or a YYJ Speeder 2? Please help!! :slight_smile:

speeder 2

I recommended you get a protostar which is a great yoyo for a cheap price.

and also… what are your preferences???

The yoyos you listed are all pretty different.
Of those though, I’d go with a yuuksta. While I may have had a bad experience with mine (long story, stuck together, stuck bearing, stuck axle… but mine was just defective) when I actually threw it, it was great. that, or a dv888.

Or you can find great deals in the b/s/t :smiley:

Yuuksta is great of all, but a Protostar compared to that is just wrong. Any preferences?

Protostar is made of Polycarbonate Plastic with a finish that makes it one of the worst for finger/palm grinding, it uses anodized aluminum weight rings. It is extremely light in your hand, and in play, especially in frontstyle.

Yuuksta is an all metal, feels heavier as only compared to the Protostar, has a nice smooth grinding surface and has a step down H-Shape.

My prefences are: Long spin time, really or dead smooth, and a yoyo that is made for medium or fast speed play. :smiley: :smiley:

undersized or oversized?

Undersized. The size of a DV888 or Yuuksta.

Darn. Raptor. Raptor would be one of the greatest choices out there (escpecially in your case), but darn.


What about your price range?

My price range is $30-$60. :slight_smile:

Have you seen the Double Take Industries Bass Boost??? the stats are similar to the Dv888
If you dont mind if the stats are a little bit off check the Shinwoo Zens.These have been talked about a lot recently.

Get a Yuuksta

Yuuksta all the way