Moving on to a good Yo-yo

So I got my protostar and I love it. I am now looking for a good metal yoyo. Preferably full sized. My budget is just about anything, as long is it isn’t over say 150$. Any recomendations?

Hmm, unless you are really good, I don’t think it would be good to buy such an expensive yoyo. You might scratch it and it hurts to scratch such yoyo. But you could buy, nothing really wrong about that.

I’m not so much of a high class yoyo expert, but lots of people say 54 is good, Supra and Pro. 54 also has removable side effects for different weight or “feels”.

Or maybe Y-Factor or Yuuksta.

But for a cheaper price, 40-45$, Raptor or Dv888 will do.

I was looking at the yuuksta. It looks really nice. Is the rockstar good? I heard it was shaped like the protostar and was metal.

There’s actually 2 Rockstars, the one currently advertised on most sites now and the one we will see soon which is The Rockstar 2012. From what I know the First Rockstar weighs around 68 point something grams. and the 2012 Version weighs 67 grams. I think people felt the first Rockstar was too heavy so they modified it and gave it a kinda supernova/ severish type side profile making it A more fine tuned Rockstar. If you like the Protostar, The Rockstar is the full Metal Version. So it Rocks! No puns intended.

So the new rockstar is better I’m assuming?

Make no mistake my friend, the Yuuksta is an incredible throw. It’s a real keeper. Whatever yoyo i get in the next few years, whethere its a 54, Sasquatch or anything like that, the Yuuksta is staying firmly in my collection. Its a brilliant throw, go take a look at some review for it on here :slight_smile:

If not that, like skeleton said before, the Dv888 and Raptor are both excellent choice for amazing prices.

Yuuksta is good, but it is undersized, you could buy a genesis or the new rockstar ( because it has the shape of protostar)

Rockstar is the metal version of Protostar so if you like the shape and feel of the Protostar, you’ll be good with the Rockstar. I don’t think the newer version will be better than the Rockstar, they wont play differently or one will sleep longer. I think they only changed weight and profile (correct me if wrong).

If you can wait for so long, it might be worth it as the current Rockstar definatley isn’t “bad”.

I got it narrowed down to the yuuksta and rockstar… The dv 888 looks really good but all my friends have it lol. So yuuksta or rockstar…

An easy way to make that descision would be simply, do you prefer undersized or normal size?

Yuuksta - Undersized
Rockstar - Normal

Well,Swatnoodle, are you allowed to trade? Because they play similar but the price is very different. It might worth more but you know, price doesn’t give a yoyo its playability.

rockstar(2012) if u like northstar shape, full sized 84.99

yuuksta if u like genesis h shape, undersized , 64.99

Doesn’t the Rockstar come from Protostar?

yea it does i guess but northstar and protostar are the same size and shape

Why pretty much only yyf? I’ve heard amazing things about the sasquatch and avalanche. Also, I own the SPYY Addiction, and it’s dead smooth, stable, and spins for a long time.

Yeah I heard clyw has very nice yoyos, except almost all of them are sold out. I just read a really nice skyline review. any thoughts on it?

I’m not really sure if they make skylines anymore they have been sold out at all the big yoyo stores for quite a long time.

I’d also have to second what “guitaryo” said about the SPYY Addiction. It’s a great yoyo if you are looking to splurge a little. The Y-factor is a pretty bomb yoyo for not to bad of a price. Someone mentioned earlier about scratching a new expensive metal yoyo.

I will agree with that, and I would look into a good metal like the Y-factor that isn’t too expensive but won’t completely kill you inside once you ding it (it’s a sad part of yoyoing but everyone gets over it at one point or another).

Definitely look at other companies as well as yoyofactory to get a good look at some different choices.

No thoughts on the skyline, but the sasquatch and avalanche are currently in stock (not all the CLYWs are out of stock), and I’ve heard unbelievable things about them. The addiction is also in stock.

I really like the lok of the addiction, but I cannot find any good reviews on it so I didn’t want to take a risk. Is the dna nice?

I suggest either the CLYW Sasquatch or the OneDrop CODE1. I have both and they are my top players. They are smooth, full sized, and look quite nice. If your are interested in buying one here are the links. And i wish you good luck on finding that perfect metal. Happy Throwing,