First Metal?

I can haz a protostar, and a ton of skillz so i dont know what my first metal should be. I’m thinkin a DV888, Yuuksta, or Gorylla

If your budget is around 65$ (I infer), Yuuksta (caused you mentioned it and it is one of the best for 65$)

It’s smooth, does many tricks and all those good stuff.

Or the Raptor and there are many threads comparing it to other yoyo’s but Raptor always does stand a chance since it can play up to 100$ yoyos.
Or here’s what I’d say in almost every thread comparing with the Raptor:
It’s very smooth, almost vibeless, has 2 extra sets of response pads, 2 removable caps for different weight, feel, play, many colors available, can grind smoothly and long and has nice cool laser engravings on each side. It has a perfect size, not very undersized like a Dv888, but not big like PGM. It feels good, plays good, great yoyo for literally any skill.

Since you are already familiar with the feel of the protostar, I would recommend the rockstar or the Popstar, because they have the same shape. If your budget allows, get the Rockstar. If not, get the Popstar. If you would like to try a different YoYo instead, I would recommend the Dingo. It is perfect for a first yoyo.

the dingo isnt really a perfect first yoyo cuz it is small and made to be a pocket yoyo such like the popstar which can be difficult to learn on.

i have a yuuksta and love it…

Unfortunately the popstar in no way performs like the rockstar at all, even though they do share the same shape, the smaller scale really affects how that shape performs. I agree with the above suggestion about the yuuksta, or try a raptor.

Good Luck-

What’s your budget? Since you mentioned yuksta i’m guess ing 65$~. For that, I would go for a yuuksta (my first metal too) , a recrev no. 9, raptor, dv888, shinwoo zen 2(very underated. Has hubstacks and is very very good for it’s price)

im lookin $60-130

Holy shit. Well if you already have a lot of yoying under your belt, go for a clyw yoyo, or a yyf genisis, dna, 888, or just any of the high end yoyos. Chances are, if you pick one that you think is cool, it will be goos. There aren’t any bad expensive yoyos.

But if you are really undecisive, I would get a clyw avalanche, sasquatch, or wooly marmot, or a yyf dna.

I recommend the new code 1, it has H shape, side effect and 10ball bearing

Oh, so based on your budget, I would recommend the Rockstar 2012. The shape and feel is similar to the Protostar that you already have, so it would probably feel familiar and comfortable in your hand.

Oh up to 130$. Well OD 54! It has RSM (Rotating Side Members), which acts like hubstacks. It has aluminum spikes or brass domes for a big difference in weight or play. A very good ideal choice.

Or, if not, a Rockstar 2012 would be perfect since it has the same shape as the Protostar.