New yoyo?

need a new yoyo. 60bucks or under. any idea? i have a maverick and freehand right now.

protostar :smiley: great plastic… plays as well as my dv888

Protostar they are a great deal for 35. but thats just my opinion. do you have any preferences.

i like metal. the weight feels good. thats my only one. im not super good, just ok

Wait for new stuff to come out. They are great. :smiley:

Add $5 and get a Yuuksta

I got a protostar that plays as good as my metals you should look into getting the northstar which is just the upgraded vearsion of the protostar, its the same yoyo Jensin Kimmit used it to win worlds this month.

ooch smoov is a great yoyo. got mine at for 45 bucks. its a great throw for the price

Any fundemetal yoyo… But I love the grind machine

Still need help… Just spend some time on the shop section, look for yoyos that fit your preference of price , style etc. Read their description… That’s what I did and now I have a list of yoyos I don’t have the money to buy( yet) but I’ll never be bored wondering " should I get this one, or that one"

yes this yoyo is more than worth it for an extra 5. Or a dark magic or x-con, hspin icon, one drop dingo. any of these are good.

where do i find one?

Please refrain from giving direct links to other stores via the message board. Instead a Private Message on the forum is a more appropriate way to direct people that specifically ask. Thanks for understanding.

don’t post links to opposing stores respect andre also the northstar is not just a protostar its a different yoyo

im pretty good, sure beyond basic.
anyway i bought a protostar.

Andre is my hero and i couldn’t respect him more but he created this site to increase the yoyoing population and to help yo-yoers advance they’re abilities and if I would like to inprove my yoyo knowledge and collection of yo-yos then i don’t see why he has a problem with that. If he does than i would be happy to never ask one of those questions again.

But do you remember what happened with yomega at worlds 07?

If not, you can find it here:,12140

ok so yomega wanted some quick money but can’t we just forget about that? it was 3 years ago.

Get a yuuksta it is a flat out amazing yoyo that owns

He already got a Protostar…