Should I get a Protostar or another unresponsive yo-yo around that price range?


hmm well whats ur preferances cuz imo i dont think i would spend 5 bucksmore for a yyj bimetal i think the protosrar and northstar play as great maybey better


I wouldn’t mind spending an extra $5, but I wanna know if it’s worth it.


protostar ftw ;D


protostar is definetly wortth 35 bucks and it plays as well as any metal yoyo… .dont second guess this yoyo its beast


Thanks, guys. I’m getting a Protostar.


Protostar all the way. It’s great in play, as good as higher priced metals in play, but it vibes more. You should spend 5 bucks more and get a Raptor because it plays as good and has no vibe.
Raptor is under-rated.

(Cinimod105) #8

Also, if you prefer a heavier yoyo, get the Northstar.


Maybe…I heard that the Northstar’s plastic cracks easily. Is this true?


Not true. Any yoyo can crack. Northstar is the same as others.


northstar for a heavier plastic $35 bucks

protostar for a lighter plastic $35 bucks

raptor for a great metal yoyo very underated $40 bucks

or a counter attack if u want a plastic like the protostar but with the pgm2 shape $31


or get a dv888 I love that thingy.

(Brandon1) #13

Good Choice! You wont regret it. I think the Protostar is one of the best yoyos you can get for that price range.


i like my protostar more than my dv888 and i tried a 888 skyline g5 genisis primo and i personally didnt thi k there worthit i liked my protostara little more its just right for me i totallyrecommend buti like the sfx the most

(Cinimod105) #15

If you want a cheap metal that plays as good as, if not better than any of those plastics, get a Popstar.


I already got the Protostar. But thanks, anyways.