best yoyo for and advanced player with a lil budget

:)Thank you! If there are any other yoyod that are $35 and under and that you would recomend please let me know.


This should be in “Looking for Help/Recommendation,” by the way.

ProtoStar or NorthStar.

It depends.

The YYF Protostar and Northstar top out in that budget, are nice and you have choices: Lighter that is faster or heavier and slower. The Protostar is the lighter. Both are $35, excellent yoyos and compete with metals BUT they don’t grind well. I have both. I like both.

Stepping DOWN the price range a bit, YYJ’s Chaser is a really good one too. I forget if this comes with 2 bearings or not, but it’s obviously designed to be something to compete head to head with the Northstar and Protostar. It’s 71 grams, but plays fast and light on the string. Again, like the above, it’s not a good yoyo for grinding.

Jumping a step down in price again, is the YYJ Legacy II. It’s like a plastic DM2, well, mostly. It’s not quite the same, but it is well build, durable, stable and solid. I know this comes with 2 bearings. I had to get one to stop playing with my kid’s Legacy II. Surface is grind friendly but not “grind optimal”.

Jumping up a bit is the Grind Machine with stacks. At $30, it grinds, it has stacks, it’s fun and mine is rather vibe-free. Lots of options and feels good too.

Another jump DOWN in the price range is the Lyn Fury, but out of the box it may not be what you’re looking for. I have one stock, one I don’t know what I’m going to do with at the moment, and one I will get soon for the purposes of modifying. I’m going to remove the black o-rings and silicone it, then perhaps shim it to make it dead unresponsive. They are slick so they won’t grind. The Asteroid is more aggressive in play than the PSG. Both are amazing, and not just for the price either.

After that, it gets hard to recommend stuff. I mean, there’s still the WHIP and ONE, at $10 each, but they are a bit too light in weight. I like them but the low weight hinders ultra long spin times.

At even less money are the Adegle PSG and Asteroid. Solid performers.

YYF has just released a non-stacked Grind Machine at around $12. That might be another solid option to consider. Of what I’ve described, I don’t have this one. I may add it to my wants list just based on price.

I have a northstar and love it but the vibe drives me insane. But I dont know if the protostar does or not

Are your arrows lined up? Both my Northstar and Protostar are smooth.


Protostar. No contest. My protostars play better than some metals i have thrown. For the price, every yoyoer should own one.

on my northstar i find i have to over tighten it just a TINY bit for it to be smooth.

is there a big difference between the starlite and the protostar?
and will the starlite be better if i put weighted o rings on it

Good luck putting weight rings on the Starlite.

I forgot I have a Starbrite. BIG difference between that and the Protostar.

If you want to put weight rings on it, save yourself the hassle and just get a Protostar. You’ll love it.

Whichever YYJ hybrid fits your preferences.

Honestly, none of the above.

Shinwoo dolphin sleeps 9 minute, and plays identical to the yyj karma, with only an eighty dollar price difference!

The thing is incredible. Trust me.

And that’s straight out of the box

The Die Nasty Is a great choice too, for 1a and 5a alike!

Protostar or northstar. The starlight just doesnt play the same. If you have got to be cheaper the plastic grindmachine is nice or if you want to break the rules and try a bootleg, search yoyomamma on amazon they all play nice. Just dont talk about that here its a dirty word…

Actually, the right sized Rubber o-rings from a hardware store will fit nice and snug around the hubs of the starlite. That’s how I have mine set-up and I really like the extra weight and quieter throw. The same sized o-rings also fit around the dials of a velocity.