protostar, grind machine, or northstar?

So I’m lookin for a new yoyo. I have three choices. They’re the protostar, grind machine, and the northstar. I love hubstacks but I don’t know if GM2 plays well. The protostar looks good and seems good. I haven’t heard much about the northstar other than that it does a great grind. I am a 1A player and need a recommendation.

Er I mean PGM

I would say protostar, because it is real nice, some may say northstar, but loads have cracked, including mine. I don’t know much about the grind machine though sorry.

I have a NorthStar and a PGM. If I could have only one of them – NorthStar. Plays as good as a metal. I love it. Plays much much much better than the PGM.

I have all 3 and my favorite is the Protostar. I like it’s weight and stability more than the other two. But, just to make things even more complicated, I would also suggest the Adegle PSG. It’s much cheaper than any of those yoyos and plays really smooth. However, it’s a lot lighter too and takes some adjustment.

I’m not into stacked yoyos yet, but it’s a nice option to have. But, narrowing down the choices to those three, my choice would be the Northstar.

I have all three. I find the PGM stacks hard for me to grab to grab. I see others grab them just fine. Pull starts are way fun!

The Protostar, as much as I enjoy it, is a tad too light for me. That’s why I go with the Northstar. However, the Protostar and Northstar are smooth so they don’t grind very well.

They fixed the cracking issue

It’s all preference. If you like grinding and really want stacks, get the PGM2. If you like speed and/or thumb grinds, get the Protostar. If you like longer spin times and heavy yo-yos, get the Northstar.

I’d pick the Northstar between those three, but I like heavier throws… but if you really want hub stacks, well there’s no decision… (not counting ridiculous modding)…

Quick input on the PSG recommendation - while I like the PSG, it doesn’t compare to any of these - maybe the Asteroid is a closer match (more similar H shape and weight) and it is cheap, really under-valued…

there is also the shinwoo dolphin around that price range and is a full metal. it is undersized and plays amazingly. just something to consider…

I agree its all preference i would suggest the protostar (my fav out of the three) but i like the chaser better than all 3.