Protostar or Grind machine

One of theses will be my next yoyo, in your opinion which one is better?

well, if you are a begginer and more interested in hub-stacks i would go with the grind machine but if you think you are ready for an unresponsive yoyo that can sleep longer for more tricks, i would deffinately go with the protostar

Definetly the protostar

protostar, it help you more in the long run.


The Grind Machine is fine, no doubt about it. I like mine. I have both the Protostar and the Grind Machine and a Northstar, but I’ll exclude the Northstar since you already have.

The Protostar has a wider catch area, different design and for me as a result it’s more stable. It can’t grind very well due to the smooth surface. It also lacks stacks.

Even though the PGM is meant for grinds and a cheap entry to hubstacks, the Prototstar will be the better option foir now.

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Ok i think i will be going with the protostar. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Or if you wants a full metal you could get the shinwoo dolphin x