Protostar vs. Grind Machine

Which one is king?

Assuming you mean the plastic grind machine, it’s gotta be Protostar. I’ll be honest: I’ve never used one. But I owned a PGM and it was a fairly miserable experience. Based on what everyone says about Protostar, I can’t imagine how it’s not better in almost every conceivable way.

Protostar, Protostar, Protostar.

The ONLY reason to consider the PGM is if you want to try hubstacks. Well, maybe not only. If you have an FHZ, and your really like it, a PGM feels like a modded FHZ.

Protostar is a far better yoyo, though.


If you want pure performance, the Protostar is the better choice. It is a crappy grinder and isn’t suited for the gyro tricks but is fine for horizontal play. People compete with this. It’s also good for 3A and 5A. It is noisy.

The PGM is fun and is a good shape for 5A. The most redeeming feature of this this yoyo is the low price point that gets you stacks.

If I had to choose, I’d go Protostar. I do have both. I like both. I do like the Protostar better.

Definitely protostar. Unless you really want hubstacks.

I prefer the protostar. The grind machine feels like a rock on the string, but can still perform well, just not as good.

Protostar is obviously the better player, but the grind machine is really just for fun IMO


Protostar because of shape, size and weight. Good all round throw because of the stability this yoyo has. The aluminum weight rings (I assume they’re aluminum) help give the yoyo its weight and balance. This yoyo is basically the choice yoyo when picking a plastic yoyo. I love it. Plus it can be a substitute for your metals if you worry about making dents of you yo-yos. Lots of fun and plays like a pro. This is a great yoyo, for a great price, get one.

I have both. I play with my Grind Machine more, but only because I like to mess around with the hubstacks and have better 1a throws than the Protostar. However, the Protostar performs better overall than the grind machine. For your first unresponsive, definately go with the Protostar. I got the Grind Machine as mine and started the get really annoyed at it. I had a weak throw, and the Grind Machine will spin out if it spins too slowly, compared to the Protostar.
Then I bought the Protostar and everything changed. It spun longer, meaning I didn’t get discouraged and was able to strengthen my throw. Overall I like the protostar better, but in the end make the decision for yourself, depending on what you want and like.
P.S. The Protostar sucks at grinding.

The pgm is more a fun throw to me. the protostar is more of a competition yoyo. Both are great for 5a, though. The protostar is more stabile and it spins longer. I prefer the protostar

Playability ProtoStar

Durability Grind Machine

Protostar for performance, but I was at Mac Kite the other day and they had Grind Machines in stock, so you could pick one up there, they also had DV888’s so you if you wanted to buy local you could save ten more dollars and get a dv888.

But the protostar is from what I hear great.

have you considered a Shaqler star or trigger.

I have considered shaqler star, is it ok for grinding? they carry dv888s at mackite?

yea I have a theory and am familiar with unresponsive play but like u said, i want a carry around yoyo in case I dont want to hurt my theory.