Grind Machine or Protostar?

which one is better?


which one would you get?


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If you like to grind or are interested in hubstack play, the Grind Machine is the only option. The protostar is a heavier throw that can’t grind at all. Aside from this, both are very capable string trick performers.

Both are good, it’s mainly preference. My preference is the Protostar because I like the shape and the catch zone works for me about as well as any yoyo I have. I’m still a sloppy player so the gap on the Protostar is a plus for me as well.

Protostar, unless you really, really, really need hubstacks for some reason.

I have both. The PGM was bought to have a hubstack example, and for that, it serves it’s purpose quite well. But, it’s also a decent player.

Given a choice between the Protostar and the PGM, I’d take the Protostar. For me it’s a better fit.

No regrets about having both.


everyone says that but you cant find them anywhere except MAYBE the bst

Go for the protostar! There’s a reason behind its hype.