Protostar or Grindmachine

I’m considering it because in a week I’ll be able to afford $35 dollars and I want either one of those, I’m just trying to hear some opinions between the two.

I realize the shape is up to personal comfort, but I just started playing about 3 months ago and I’m still figuring out what I like. I have a Chaotic and DM I play with a lot but I want to check out the feel some more plastics. I have never played with any other yoyos besides my speed maker and mosquito.

Provide 2cents at wills sirs

This is really up to you… Both are great yoyos… and you cant go wrong with either… Flip a coin

agreed- flip a coin.
but if you dont want to do that, id go with a GM

In this case, I would definitely flip a coin. Or…do you think you would want a heavier yoyo or a lighter one?

I think if you dont wanna flip a coin, I would ask myself what shape I want more, Personally I would ALWAYS choose a Protostar, however, the GM IS grindable, whereas the Protostar is difficult to grind with, are you interested in hubstacks, if so, get the GM, if not, the Protostar. I hope this post can help you make a more educated decision rather than a shot in the dark. Good luck and I am sure you will be happy either way.

Like I said, I have a DM and Chaotic, I also have a mosquito for what it’s worth, if I want to broaden out a little bit, which is more of a variation?

From here, it looks like the GM because of the stacks, I’m asking you because of your obvious experience over mine.

The Protostar plays so so so so so so much better than the Grind Machine. SO MUCH. Very very very much more playabilty. Much more. Yes. Protostar. GET GET GET!

Or, you could try a Counter Attack. All the playabilty and spin time of the Protostar, in the highly grindable GM shape. They do have some vibe however. Or you could wait 'till the Starlite drops! GREAT yoyo.

Is the starlite a new item; what manufacturer and when is it released?

It’s YoYoFactory’s latest plastic. It’s expected to drop sometimes during worlds.

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It’s at least worth waiting to get a look at, thanks for the tip.

ill just go with protostar. both are good yoyos but ill go protostar

Given the yoyos you have (chaotic which is like a smaller metal protostar, and the DM) I would go with the PGM. I have both, and though I like the protostar better, they’re both good throws. The PGM will play quite differently to the other throws you mentioned …and give you an idea if you like hubstacks.

Usually I’d recommend the protostar, but I feel you’d probably get more out of the PGM as you already have two good throws which share some qualities with the protostar… and the PGM is fun!

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Protostar if u like string tricks andc a smooth play with a center track bearing

Grind Machine if u like grinding and hubstacks
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By the way, do both of them come unresponsive or am I going o need some lube?

Both of them are dead unresponsive. IMO the ProtoStar blows the PGM out of the water. I never use my PGM, only my ProtoStar. It’s better than alot of the metals I have tried/owned.

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Thanks guys, I’m pretty sure I have plenty of information now, we can probably call this thread complete and problem solved.

I’m sure at some point I will get both of them, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a grind machine for now so I can play with hubstacks and something a little bit different.

Hubstacks get pretty boring after ten minutes. I actually regretted buying my PGM after I first tried the ProtoStar.

Also going to wait a little bit and see what the starlite looks like

ProtoStar-ish shape, really light like the PGM.

Also: I just thought of this. It somewhat relates to this thread: Why do they call it the Grind MAchine when it absolutely stinks at Grinding? Not just arm grinds, but thumb grinds too, they both hurt.

I have all the yoyos you mentioned and plus both the PGM and Protostar. So just to give you a rough idea as to help you in your preference:

  1. Do you like long spinning time such as chaotic? Then Protostar is it. PGM does not spin as long as Protostar.
  2. Do you like grinds and hubstack play? Grinds and hubstacks works on PGM, Protostar does not have hubstacks and not grind friendly. As you have both Dm and Chaotic, maybe hubstacks yoyo may sound fun for you and PGM is not expensive for you to experience it.
  3. How is your tolerance level when it comes to vibes and bearing noise level? Chaotic IMO is smooth and quite vibey free but some DMs from YYJ are vibey. Metal yoyos are generally stable and smooth and plastics are known not to be consistent when it comes to manufacturing standards. PGMs are fun but some are vibey and it does come with a bit of bearing noise and changing bearings due to the spacers are a bit difficult. This happens with Protostars as well: the vibes are there (some but bearable) and the bearing is very loud.

Hope the above helps, and a final word to help: does not matter which yoyo you choose from the two: just have fun with either. Not to influence you too much: ever since I used the Protostar, I have put my other metal yoyos into pasture and have not touched my PGM since (maybe I do not like grinds much and hubstack play). Well good luck on your choices.