pgm or protostar??

i know im making a lot of posts but im gonna buy my first unresponsive yoyo, im now advance player but i was using responsive yoyos… my question is: what yoyo is better: the yyf’s PGM or the protostar?? ???

what shape do you want, round or H?

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any one

From what I’ve read, protostar’s better, except, of course, that it can’t grind as well as the Plastic Grind Machine.

I’ve read rave reviews about both of them, though. If you’ve never tried an H shape, I’d go for the Protostar.

It says that you already own the PGM.
Back on topic, I would go with the ProtoStar, or you can just flip a coin if you’ve narrowed these yoyos down

i dont have the pgm but i’ve try it , and it’s good , but i havent tried the protostar xD

Then go with the ProtoStar and widen your variety and preferences

OK thanks :slight_smile:

In my opinion, ive tried a protostar and have a gm, and id buy a protostar in a heartbeat

The protostar COMES with a centertrac bearing, the spin time’s twice as long as a pgm, and the extra wide gap makes it impossible to miss most tricks.

The only problems i see in the protostar is that the grinds are very bad, must be the surface or something.

Way to post on a thread that’s been dead for almost half a year.

Way to be a jerk to a guy that hasn’t been here long enough to break five posts.

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