PGM, FHZ, Lyn Fury or Protostar?

I’ve been yoyoing for 3 months now and I’m planning to step up my game to advanced and above tricks coz my first yo-yo was a FAST201 and it doesn’t spin as long as I want it to so that I can finish the advanced tricks :frowning: Should I start slow and buy Lyn Fury/FHZ…or should I save up more for PGM/Protostar? What do you guys suggest? Please reply ASAP coz I’m planning to buy a new yo-yo in a a few weeks. Thanks in advance. p.s. I cut some of the starburst things on my fast201 up to the point where I have to bind it so that it can go back…so…I’m pretty good at binds now…

i would get a starlight its great has a center track bearing in it only $23.99 its glows in the dark which is fun to throw in the dark great throw.if you want to spend a little bit more a pgm is good it has stacks which adds a whole lot of fun.which ever one you get buy a set of pads to fit it so you don’t have to pay for shipping when you need them

Okay, Thanks! I’ll save money for the PGM then. p.s. Thanks for replying. It’s my first topic here and I appreciate you replying :smiley:

I really like my PGM. In my opinion, It plays like an upgraded FHZ, and the wider gap makes it a lot more comfortable to hold. And it grinds a lot better than I thought it would. It’s not my best or favorite throw, but I always carry it with me because it’s just a fun yoyo.

The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it seems to need more string to bind than my other yoyos. And since it comes unresponsive, you really need to have binds down pretty good.

With the PGM, you won’t be disappointed.

Or, really, since you are looking at a Lyn Fury, and willing to spend 35 on a protostar, you might want to spend the extra few dollars and get a Hitman Pro. It really is a better yoyo. But, if it’s easier for you to get a PGM, go for it. Both are excellent choices.

Yea, I was considering Hitman Pro, but, I wanted to try a hubstack yoyo, and considering that PGM is one of the cheapest Hubstack yoyos out there, and the fact that I wanna specialize in Grinding, I would say that the PGM is the best choice for me. I’m planning to buy it in Nov. :smiley:

I hope you know Plastic Grind Machine has nothing to do with grinding and is mostly about the hubstacks. If you wanted to specialize in grinding, you should get a yoyo like the Hitman Pro or a cheap metal.

Yoyomamma Blitzfire.
You can get 'em for 20 dollars on ebay.

May I suggest the JK? This yoyo is the best yoyo ever for grinding; It grinds better and longer than my G5. I found that the PGM doesn’t grind as well as a JK and you might only get a 3-4 second grind on the PGM whereas on a Jk you could get a 5-8 second grind on it. Besides, after a week or 2, you will get bored of the hubstacks. The JK gets a more longer spin than the PGM and is more stable than the PGM. When I grind on the PGM, it just feels like trying to grind on protostar with much more vibe.

If you want one of the yoyos that you mentioned, definetly get the protostar. It is the best plastic yoyo ever;It plays exactly like a metal.

So I would suggest the JK, or the protostar if you want one of the yoyos you mentioned.

Yes any of the yoyomamma yoyos are good they all have hubstacks and prices ranging from 19 dollars to 36 dollars if you want to know where to get them pm me.

Yoyomamma is NOT a brand! The user just buys the yoyos from a company called Qixia and resells them to make a profit.

I never knew that!!!

I have two friends who had PGMs and they played fine to start with, but over time one of them broke and the other one spins for short amounts of time. If you are in that price range, the northstar is absolutely EPIC!!!

I would say out of those, if you are experienced in unresponsive advanced play, the Protostar is amazing! I have used it for over a year and it was my main throw for many months. Great yoyo, plays better than some metals.

The pgm actually does grind quite well with it’s textured surface, but metals do grind better

I’ve played the PGM, FHZ, and Protostar, and heres some pros/cons of each.

-Cheap hubstack yo-yo
-Easy-to-grind plastic
-Unresponsive out of the box
-Heavy enough to create a good feel

-Plastic vibe
-Cannot thumbgrind
-Must know how to bind.

-Extremely durable, can take brutal hits
-Easily modified (ie beefcaked, silicone stickers instead of friction, sili recess, pad recess, etc)

-Very responsive stock
-Duncan bearings rust fast (for me anyways…)

-Plays very well
-Center trac bearing keeps the string away from the response
-Nice, floaty feeling

-Spacers can stick to the bearing
-Center tracs are loud as dgfsyhsdf
-Requires a bind

If you want the best for your money, I’d probably get a protostar. The PGM hubstacks can get boring after a while, it can feel pretty heavy, while the Protostar feels light and floaty, and with the string-centering bearing, albeit loud, it can play very well. If you don’t like the colors of it, you can get a Northstar.

I really liked my protostart/northstar… They have a wide catch zone that makes it easier to catch the string on, are weighted perfectly, and feel great in your hand. I really liked my protostar more than the PGM and i feel that the protostar would be a great choice if you know how to bind. If you dont know how to bind the Lyn Fury was amazing to learn and grow on for me.

I have a ProtoStar and a Hitman Pro and personally, the protostar plays much better because i can get more spin out of it and the bearing is better than the one in a hitman pro. But its not better for grinds. I think the protostar is easier to learn on since you have a little more control and room to grow with it.

Another option would be to swap the Protostar for a Northstar. A little bit heaver by about 2 grams, but same price as the PGM and the Protostar.

A couple of friends of mine recently bought a JK and PGM and they were nice enough to let me borrow it. I tried grinds on both of them, and I must say that their grinding ability when compared, JK has a slightly better grind than the JK and I kinda found the hubstacks on the PGM not very interesting… And since a majority of you guys voted for the Protostar…I’ll definitely be getting it…Thanks guys!