Protostar or PGM2

I have been thinking of moving up from my YYJ Journey (I would like a longer spinning yoyo) and I have narrowed it down to the Protostar and the PGM2. I would like hubstacks on a yoyo but it is not absolutely necessary, so my question is : Does the PGM2 play well enough to take it over the Protostar just for the hubstacks?

Nope. Hubstacks get really boring like after 2 weeks.

The Protostar plays way better.

Hubstacks arent that big of deal, put i like the pgm way better, and i will always regrett trading it. :’(

I would definitely go with the Protostar. It is ridiculously smooth for a plastic and sleeps for quite a while.

Does the protostar have that effect where the yoyo will start to tilt during the sleep? My journey does that

My red ProtoStar does that. It’s not too noticeable unless you leave it sleeping for a while.
Dunno about the PGM.

Both are good yoyos. Get the pgm2 if you want hubstacks, the protostar if you don’t care for them. I like them both and think either would serve you well. The PGM2 and Protostar are the best plastic examples (i’ve played) of very different styles of yoyo. Nobody can tell you which you would prefer.

can somebody give me a link to where i could buy the pgm2? (new)

I would get the Protostar. I think it has way better playability. And here’s the link:

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For pure playability, Protostar is much better.

I think the PGM is good for intermediate players, or somebody who wants to practice some easy tricks or wants to mess around with hubstacks.

thank you but this is the first one. :slight_smile: (not to sound rude)

PROTOSTAR!! hubs arent that great and the protostar is awesome! if u buy the pgm2 and then play with the protostar you will regret buying it ;D

The page shows a PGM V.1 but it’s the V.2 that’s currently in stock.


well but i hear that the protostar is awesome but i have a pgm v2 and i absoluty love it and the hubstacks are fun and usefull too
but really go with the protostar