plastic yoyo

in your opinion which is better legacy,die-nasty,protostar,pgm 2

Personally, I’d say legacy.


Why do you want to know our opinions? If you’re looking to buy one of those, any of them would be great choices. The Legacy is not the best out of them.

just curious ;D

I can’t believe a llot of people are saying Legacy!
It is Definitely the Protostar.
If they have ever tried the Protostar, they would go to a mountain, and thgrow their Legacy off the Mountain, because when you try the Protostar, you should be willing to pay over $100 for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

i havn’t tried all of them but i think 100% protostar! i havnt tried the die nasty

I have only tried the Protostar and PGM v2, but I like them about the same. The Protostar is smoother, but the PGM v2 has hubstacks. I love hubstacks. lol :smiley:

i like hubstacks 2

I based my answer off of opinion. So mhmm. Legacy fo me.

i own them all except the die nasty. i still like the legacy best

Protostar is the best out of those. The PGM is no good, the hubstacks are fun the first day but on the second you want to throw them out the window.

Not true. I’ve had my PGM for a few months now. The hubstacks are still fun sometimes. Protostar is not the best, nor the the PGM no good.

I’ve owned all four… Still own two…

Love mah Legacy,
Love mah Protostar,
Loved mah Die-Nasty till it broke…
Loved mah PGM… But traded for somthing… I dont remember what though…

All are great yoyos… In my opinion, both the PGM and Die-Nasty are too light, and I like the Protostar just a tad more than the Legacy for some reason.

But if you like lighter yoyos, then yay.

anyone who says legacy is CRAZY! Protostar is the BEST by far!!! O0

ITT: Opinions.