OK well Ive been wanting to buy a legacy because I need a yo yo that Is very unresponsive but still gets good binds. am I making a good choice to buy this??? Its right in my price range


The Legacy is my favorite plastic yoyo and is a very good choice. But one thing is a problem. My

Legacy came dead unresponsive I loved it and my friend’s Legacy came responsive and it still is

responsive I hate it. So thats the risk you take when you buy a Legacy. Oh and my response fell out

on both sides. I don’t use it anymore.


I’d go with the Lyn Fury or the Plastic Grind Machine, but thats just me


well if you get it thats a good choice. But if you have 13$ more get a protostar I played one best plastic yoyo ever IMO and if im not mistaken didnt jensen use one to win bac this year?


this guy is a wise one the protostar is soo much better


Then the Legacy is perfect it has the same feel shape and weight as the Dark Magic

(screamo) #7

Why not buy some new responses?


you should go with a protostar


the legacy is a really good plastic yoyo that has a real bang for its price


He did win BAC 2010 with a Protostar and the 2010 California State yoyo championships with it too.


I want a protostar


me too
they are really good!
the best plastic yoyo ever!!!