Is legacy good?

Is the Legacy good for me? I want a not too big but not too small light weight yoyo. Please list another yoyo you think is good for me.

The Legacy will be nice for you. But the Glow-Nasty, I think, will be better if you prefer the lighter side. It is heavier than the original Die-Nasty therefore you get more control. (At least for me)

Mr. Stokes is rocking the starlite and loving it! Nvr tried the legacy but have only heard good things.

this is the bist list : for plastic :
1- northstar
2- protostar
3- dienasty ( glew and plastic )
4-star light
5-if u a biginar or elemintri tri a velocity
6- phenomizm
7- sfx
for the metel : the bist :
1- phenom
2- revelution
3- severe
4- supernova
6- yuuksta
7- mayhem
8- vendetta
9-888 2011
10- g5 2011
11- raptor

at end pleas dont try legacy its bad yoyo

The legacy is a great yo-yo for the price. However…if you’ve got an extra 10 bucks, I would recommend the Protostar or Northstar

I have: Northstar, Starlite, Die-Nasty and Legacy.

From that four I would go with Starlite, and if you like more heavier stuff I would go with the Northstar :slight_smile:

The Legacy, I enjoyed a lot but when I tryed the others I just give it to a friend who now is an addicted beginner in the fine art of yoyoing.

Conclusion: Fine yoyo but in my opinion go with a different plastic one: Starlite.

also legacys r discontinued so u cant find them easily

my pick is starlite

Sure, go get the Starlite. But it’s going to break anytime soon. My friend’s Starlite’s side caps showed some cracks after a month or so. Just letting you know.

I really recommend the Glow-Nasty. For me, it’s smoother, grinds better, and has no vibe at all. (some Glow-Nastys might vibe a little bit.)


getting cracks on the caps are from slamming it into the ground those cracks just wont ge there

and i heard that the glownastys caps can get loose

No, there are tons of people who’ve got cracks on Northstars without having beaten them on the floor and I am one of them. There are other people that say that Starlite may get also cracks, I was lucky then :).

I guess every yoyo can have its problems, but if you get some bad unit just talk to your retailer he’ll help you or even replace your yoyo for free. Been there :wink:

Of my Legacy that I have, I totally recomend it. SO smooth and spins amazingly long. I also have a Northstar and it will serve you well if you are willing to pay 10 bucks more. But you just can’t go wrong with the Legacy, it’ so good as my main yoyo.

Momentum, could you please describe why it’s so bad? You may find it not meeting your expectations but currently, there are many Legacy lovers.

My Legacy was awesome… Before I lost it


Since when?

Put it back together.