Looking for a new plastic yoyo

i am wondering if there is a plastic yoyo that is durable, and has a good, heavy feel to it. i have a protostar already but to me it feels very light and i just dont like the shape really. i have looked at lots and want to know if a Kickside or legacy, or any others have this heavy feel im looking for. just for a reference the protostar is 67 grams, the kickside is 66 grams, and the legacy is 68 grams.

Legacy does feel kind of heavy, but my heavy beasty recomendation would be the counter attack.

I agree, counter attack best fits your description tmk

well legacy is discontinued so its hard to find it and i think going from a protostar to like a lyn fury seems like a step down and i would get the counter attack. its heavy and has a rounded shape

The Legacy is very durable. It can take smashes and not dent or crack. It also spins so long and can do so many tricks but really, except for CounterAttack, Protostar pwns every yoyo you’ve listed.

northstar is good, it is heavier than protostar but the shape is almost the same

Oh yeah, not to mention Northstar and Protostar. Although I think BOTH are floaty. Feels more light than a Legacy caps on. Also, Legacy caps off can be felt as floaty.

yeah I think it is hard to find plastic that is heavy

FHZ w/fat rubber weight rings is nice.

Legacy caps on=Feels very heavy.

A Legacy is heavy with or without caps because of the very large metal washer under the caps.

It feels very heavy with caps on for me but caps off, it is more floaty than a Protostar. Just my feel.

Duncan Freebird–68grams
Grind machine (YYF) 64 grams

Also the new EPIC is plastic i think. Have you thought about getting a yoyo thats plastic but has metal rims? like the Dark Magic 2?

I have a Dm2. i play with it up in my dorm room and there isnt much space to work with and once in a while ill smack it off my bed frame and ding up the metal rings. i try to use my protostar but i love the feel of the dark magic so much i always end up using it instead.

legacy is like Dm 2, I think

Then maybe you should shop the BST for a legacy.

Legacy and DM2 should feel the same because they have the same shape. Also, metal rimmed yoyo’s are called bi-metals.

I find the Legacy feeling more heavier than the DM2. Much heavier. So I recomend DM2 for floaty play but both can play any style of 1A nicely.

the legacy is meant to be the plastic version of the dm2 so i would assume the dm2 is as good probley better than the legacy and the epic which someone said like 5 posts ago, it is full metal not plastic.

He already has a DM2, so there’s no point in recommending it. :wink:

What? Epic is Aluminum.