looking for good plastic

i’m a fairly skilled player, i’m just looking for something that i can use outside that i won’t be afraid to damage

now, I like something light or heavy but not in between (64 grams feels like a soft marshmellow to me). full size preferably, something in the 62g or 67g range and somewhere between 53-55ish milimeters and nothing under 40mm in width
category. i’m a fan of YYJ’s but only their plastic cause some of them are mostly metal so what would be a good fit for me?

Get the YYJ Kickside. It will make you happy. What you just said screams “I want a Kickside.” It is a little fat and over wieght but still fast on a throw and it does’nt matter that much if you drop it or ding it. It’s like cream cheese; very rich and smooth.

what is your price range?

Northstar is really nice. It is heavy, stable, and plays really well

protostar is good if you can get used to the shape. I think it’s in your weight range, but don’t be fooled, it feels very floaty on the string.

I second the Protostar. But I have to say, though that it’s light, it doesn’t play that fast in sidestyle.

duncan freebird- 80$ but its a good throw. made our of delrin
northstar is a good choice (i recommend over the protostar)
pgm might be good cause it has hubstacks and your name is hubstacker haha
counterattack is like a pgm but without hubstacks

my yyj dark magic 2 has taking a huge beating. ive smashed it into everything and it has dings all over it. but it still spins! however its part metal

Same, I prefer the northstar over the protostar. They play very differently for yoyos that share ths exact same shape

If you want something cheap, get a Yoyojam Lyn Fury or a Yoyofactory Die-Nasty. but if you have a little extra cash go for the northstar by yoyofactory.

If you like playing fast and light yoyo buy protostar, if you want something heavy buy the northstar

Its like he said. I’ve had the kickside, and its been good to me. I’ve hit the ground with it maybe 10-20, hit myself maybe 5 times. No ding no scratches. ;D

If your budget is pretty up there, you may want to look at the crucials and 3yo3
For something cheaper, look into the “stars”

I look @ the stars every night and never see any yoyo’s? ;D

Ok, now back to the topic at hand…I would say FHZ/FH2, Kickside, or Glow Nasty. They all can take a beating and still play smooth.

Really? cuz last night I looked up and saaw Orion playing with the Northstar 8)


the only kinds of puns i know!

I think you should get the plastic from Shen Zhou it is 42mm wide, 56mm diameter, 5mm gap, and 64 grams.

hey all, right now, i’m thinking about buying a pair of northstars for 3a, or 5a or 1a, i’ve tried the kickside and it doesn’t realy suit me well, i had to add some weight rings for it, cause it seemed to light, and the gap is piuny. i had to make some special string just to play it, and i cuts into my hand. so my choices now are either a phenomizm(which i think is overpriced but hey, i’m open to suggestions) or a northstar, and price doesn’t matter with me[over plastics i mean]

p.s. when i say i want a plastic, i’m talking nothing over $69 I consider delrin yoyos equal to metals because they are machined and cost just like a yoyo made from aluminum even though delrin is self lubricating, i wouldn’t treat it like a regular plastic

Darn, if you are open to metal, I would choose the Yuuksta over Phenomizm. But Phenomizm is great too, despite the fact that you might hate the shape.