Good Plastics?

Ok I want a new throw, but I don’t really want another metal because I have several and would like a good “take everywhere yoyo”. I would like it to be able to do expert level tricks (with little or no modding), weigh about 60g, and be under or close to 30 dollars. And if it exists be undersized. Any input will be appreciated.


Have you looked at the YYJ journey, or legacy or the other lower priced YYJ models. They are all good players and capable of most any trick you can do.

All of the lower priced YYJ models are nice, like jhb8426 said. There is also the Die Nasty and PGM v2 from YYF. The Velocity is a good choice, too although it is a too light for my preferences. :slight_smile:

YYF Die Nasty is really good. Only $16.99 but its 65g. Of course you can do not only expert level tricks but also master level tricks with Die Nasty.

I forgot to mention that I would rather not get a small bearing yoyo

2010 FH, Cyclon double silicone recess kickside, protostar.

I’d recommend the legacy or protostar both are very reliable throws

YYJ fits that bill.

My guess is you can do any level tricks with it. ???



Oh yeah, and kickside.

Where’s Mi?



And this is why


Pretty much any plastics will be great and be able to do any non-2a tricks, like Yuu said (except he forgot to include the rest of the plastics).

Lyn Fury

That’s “The Pen is Mightier” :smiley:

And I agree w/ Mi, Kickside but I also would have to add FHZ to this list.

It’s not an SB but I carry my Lyn Fury everywhere. It’s a great throw for $15. The only adjustment I made was to silicone it and now it’s one of my favorite everyday throws.

My pen is in a goat.

Ahh, I read that wrong. Thanks Apetrunk.

The Lyn Fury rocks! :slight_smile:

It’s Ok, I didn’t read it at all and recommended a FHZ, :smiley:

I would recommend FHZ and Kickside over it.

Maybe a nice modded, hand-painted FHZ by XminusmikeX. He does great work. It always comes down to preference with the kickside being a little heavier and a hair larger with a hybrid response system and the Lyn having the ability for silicone on both sides. They’re all good and the prices are exceptional.

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