Good Plastics?

Not really. I find that there is unnoticeable difference between a dual silicone yoyo and a hybrid yoyo with a perfectly flush second side. You also have the option of getting Kickside modded for dual silicone if thats your thing. Personally I prefer it but I still find the difference to be VERY minimal.

Empty half of Speeder.

Northstar. But it’s $40

Its also not out.

I’ll leave it at this quote as any more is just redundant and not helpful to the original poster IMO. Everyone has a preference and nothing can be taken as law when making these decisions. I think a pre-modded FHZ would be the best choice with the Kickside and Lyn Fury as also good choices. There are plenty of other plastics out there to explore as well. That’s part of the fun of yo-yoing, finding things you like among all the choices.

My statement was not redundant because it was explaining that a dual silicone system performs very similarly to a shaved down starburst hybrid with a flush o-ring. Your experience could be different but I do not see why it would not since if you had two hybrid kicksides the experiences in terms of response should be the same for both yoyos.

Not redundant at all.

PS: Edited for clarity.

Check please.


dual flush silicone will play smoother (in terms of snags) than dual overfilled silicone. Recessed silicone will be less snaggy than flush silicone. hybrid will offer larger suicide loops, however, it does cause vibe when you rub against the starburst

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I meant two people playing starburst hybrid will have the same experience as another person playing the same response system. Two peoples experiences with the same response system should not be variable. Read my post instead of tl;dring please.

No it doesn’t. It just slows it down (like any other response system would do.)

Dude go get a kick side or lyn fury both are good yoyos

Thanks for the advice. In a few months I am going to do a presentation at my school and was wondering if the white plastic yoyo would glow in a black light? That would be so cool if I could do the presentation with a glowing yoyo and string.

Depends if the plastic is fluorescent. Google it.

I googled it and found nothing. I know string glows but I really want a my yoyo to glow.

I found out any white will glow so i think I’ll get the PGM 2 cause hubstacks are great for presentations.

I do not see why.

If you have a glue gun, glue gun sticks, copper or iron wire, drill or lathe, jeweller´s srew driver and silicone a 6 dollar mosquito can play well.

What went through your head the first time you saw someone grab their yoyo out of the air and it kept spinning. I was like :o

I was like this is cool, and then after seeing a bit more it got boring and unimpressive.

The time you spend on perfecting midair hubstack catches can be used to learn other equally if not more impressive tricks.

Yoyofactory Die-Nasty is excellent.
Yoyofactory Counter Attack is a good one too.
Also the Yoyojam Legacy.
Or even a PGM 2.