Best 1A Yo-Yo Under $25

I have $25 to spend on a new throw. Any suggestions?

For 1A and maybe a little 5A if I decide to go that route. I’m currently on the Advanced Part One Section of tricks.
Color- no preference
response- doesn’t matter, but i’d rater it be unresponsive.

Thanks for helping.

Anything plastic from YYJ or YYF. They’re all great and just depend on your preference. Since you’re fairly new, just go with one that looks good.

I would really suggest starting responsive, but lets just get the best of both worlds shall we?

YYF Velocity!

Velocity or Die-Nasty.
Really great yoyos.

FH0 is great when modded. and boy can it be modded

yyj legacy! $20

he already has a legacy. probably a fast velocity or die nasty

Get the DIE-NASTY dude… So smooth. It has a center-trac bearing too.