Two questions

Hey, sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place but I have two quick questions.

  1. Do you guys know when YoYoExpert restocks on their yoyos?
    It seems that they’re out of yellow YYF Velocitys.

  2. I have a $25 Visa gift card and I’m thinking about buying a yoyo. I heard that I should either get the DIE-NASTY or the Velocity.
    I’m sort of gearing more towards the Velocity but what do you guys think?

Yoyoexpert restocks their yoyos whenever the hay they want,

yoyo recommendation? You will get conflicting opinions, but I would choose the die-nasty over the velocity, and Shinwoo yoyos over that.
In my opinion of course, which everyone knows is correct.

Many may feel different, but they will soon find themselves immersed in a world of darkness, pain, and the horid sound of cries, cries that will never be heard.

So with that info in mind, start your yoyo journey, make like a bee, and BUZZ OFF!


But yeah.

welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask any other questions, we are really helpful around here.

Im bailing on this lame joint.

Don’t be a loser everyone.

Gotta fly.


Aaah, I did some researching and there’s so many yoyos that seem good for really cheap.
I am planning on buying whichever yoyo has the majority votes but I’m eyeing

The Whip sounds good because it’s cheap and it’s also unresponsive so that’s a huge plus for me.

I heard Velocity is good, but responsive. Plus, I wanna focus mostly on 1A so I was hoping for a V-shaped wing. But, I really like that yellow color of theirs.

Glow in the dark yoyos sound like a gimmick, so I’m afraid that the quality of the yoyo itself will be lower because all the attention was probably spent on making the yoyo glow, so I’m a bit apprehensive about the DIE-NASTY. Plus, I can’t thumbgrind.

I heard ONE came with an unresponsive bearing. Also, for it’s price that it’s an amazing yoyo. However, it’s a yoyo mostly for beginners and I’ve been using beginner yoyos this whole time, so I think it’s time to move on.

nvm, found the appropriate place for this thread. locking.