Yoyo in 50$ range

Hi, i’m currently an intermediate player with the YYF New Velocity. The yoyo is ok but it seems to have a short sleep time. Either its because its not heavy enough or im not throwing hard enough but i’m looking for a metal yoyo in the 50$ price range.

Any suggestions? Also i’m going to hong kong in december and I can get something from the yo-station store so it’s cheaper and I don’t have to pay for shipping, don’t know if i can last that long with just the velocity.


I suggest a Di Base.

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Don’t really like the colors… I’ve heard good reviews though. Do you know where to get the red and green colors?

Look at eBay.
If you can get 15 dollars more get a Capless.

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Not to take away from sales here, but I agree about getting a DiBase. I also feel you need to work on your throw and maybe open up the gap. The New Velocity is on the lighter side of things at 62.5 grams. You might also consider cleaning the bearing out and then very so slightly lubing it. That may give you a good cost-effective fix for the price of your cleaning materials. A-bearing yoyos are not my favorite, but there’s nothing wrong with them.

Since you’re not happy with the available colors of the DiBase(I am not thrilled with current choices either):
Email YYE’s sales department. They may have an answer when new colors are coming in.
Search BST for what may be available.
Ebay. Yes, it’s a possibility.
See if C3YoYoDesign does direct sales
Find another retailer, which is clearly the route you’re taking anyways.

For the money, and for anyone’s money at any level, there’s no reason why we should settle for colors we don’t like.

In the meantime, some other suggestions, without regards to your budget(it’s OK, it’s all within it):

dv888 works, but I find this a rather boring yoyo. It’s $45 and plays like it costs.
For the same dollars are the Shinwoo Zen series(most). Different shapes. Decent brand, don’t let the low prices fool you, it’s good stuff that plays above it’s retail prices.

The C3YoYoDesign Capless I hear good things about and can’t wait to get my hands on one. The Halo, while all delrin and the same price as the DiBase, uses a more classic butterfly shape and is a good player. It does deviate from the traditional V that C3YoYoDesign goes for

Magic YoYo. T5 and T6 sell for under $20 and play fantastic. I wonder about the N10 and N11 as I don’t have these yet but will be ordering soon. If you want stacks, the N9 is amazing. They also have many other models, different shapes, sizes, appearances. Affordable, fun, great stuff at under $35, most under $20 shipped.

Legacy II, or if you want to spend more, the DM2. DM2 is good enough to be your next yoyo if you are good with the shape, but it’s not all metal, it’s part plastic, yet still a good player. Legacy II is an all plastic version.

Protostar or Northstar are great too. But you want full metal.

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god trick has some nice looking yoyos at your price range, imo green bounty hunter looks awesome.

also, rec rev has a excellent range of ~60$ yoyos, and if people would buy their products more, maybe they could finally make a website for themselves.

there, i just made in more difficult and confusing for you :smiley:

what about a yoyofactory popstar


Well, I didn’t like this one, so in my opinion, no.

too small

The di base is great also look at the A.Y.C.E its nice but is only a little over your price range. the zen line from shinwoo is also something to look at

Go for the Dark Magic 2.

Hope I helped! :slight_smile: