Need help, Looking for a new 1a/5a throw

Hey everybody, I’ve been yoyo-ing for around 5 months now, and have been using a YYF Velocity (not the newer version). So, I’ve been thinking on getting a new yoyo and would like some help choosing one. I hope to find one that will meet the following criteria:

-Do you know how to bind the yoyo?

-Do you have a yoyo that you own or played with that you have liked very much?
I’ve only used a velocity. I can’t say much about it, cuz I can’t compare it to anything else. But i guess I would want a yoyo with a longer sleep time.

-Do you have a preferred shape of the yoyo?
Not really, I just want it to be a shape that can meet my other preferences below.

-Do you have a preferred weight or weight distribution?
I would prefer 65-70g. I can’t say much about weight distribution, I’ll leave it up to your guys’ opinions.

-Do you have a price range?
$45 max.

-Do you have a certain amount of yoyos narrowed down?
Alpha Crash
Adegle plastics
Legacy 2
ik, I’m really undecisive XD

-Do you prefer a certain brand?
No, but I am honestly a bit unintentionally biased (in a good way) towards YYJ, cuz of all the good reviews I’ve heard about its plastics.

-Are you looking for a yoyo that specializes a style?
I’m looking for a yoyo that is good at both 1a and 5a (mostly 1a). I really like whips and slack string tricks. Grinding is not that important for me, a very basic ability to grind is good enough. I don’t care for horizontal tricks.

-Do you prefer a certain response system?

-Do you want hubsstacks or z stacks?
I don’t really care…

-What trick are you currently working on?

-Other preferences:
Must be durable, and preferably not too loud (but not too much of a concern)

Thanks. I know I’m being kinda picky, but this will probably be my only other yoyo (at least for a very long time).

(Im not sure about weight) but the shutter has really long sleep times and is really quiet stock.

Shutter or Rally… You can’t really go wrong either way. Plastic or metal, up to you… I believe the Rally is a little faster than the Shutter. So yea, just preferences from there.

yup ^^^
I’d choose shutter. It blew be away, especially for that price! The rally was good too, but I liked the shutter more.
Also, the alpha crash is good and cheap, so you can get 2
Edit: wait you said 5a not 3a haha.

If you want a heavier yoyo look at
YYJ xlr8
YYJ surge

If you want the best of the available plastics
Look at the rally (you will believe this yoyos is a metal it’s just an amazing yoyo)
The C3 speedaholic should fit everyone of your criteria and will come in way under your budget and will allow you to have money left over for for strings, bearing, lube, ect.

If you just want a yoyo that will blow your mind and can live with a larger yoyo that is worthy to be played
YYJ classic with an upgraded C bearing and responsive pads (any 19mm should work) this yoyo is the cheapest yoyo in the bunch and will leave a lot of money left over and will just amazing you at how good it plays, you can get two one to play responsive and one I play unresponsive or begin your 3a play skills and not cry if you bang them up or anything.

Happy hunting and good luck with your purchases

Alpha Crash (Awesome at horizontal and pretty smooth for a plastic but really only good for 1A in my opinion)
Adegle plastics (OK for 3a and 1a and very fun shapes. Only thrown the original pgm and asterioid but no gem.)
Legacy 2(I hate both this yoyo and the dm2)
Chaser(haven’t tried this so I’m unsure how it would do)
Trigger(Plays pretty well but I wouldn’t be sure about the durability considering the rims. I’ve heard of cracking issues. It was a good 1A yoyo but I didn’t like the edge of the rims)
Surge(This would be my choice of all the throws. It’s very durable and heavy)
Severe(I’d take a onestar over this throw personally)
Rally(This would be my next choice if you didn’t like the surge. Excellent player and great for 1A and 5A)
Shutter(This throw is awesome as well but I think the others would be a better choice. Also excellent for 1A and din’t try it for 5A.)
Speedaholic(Awesome throw and I’d personally pick this up along with the surge but if you had to pick one I’d choose the surge for 5A and this for 1A)
DM2(not a fan and has cracking issues like all metal rimmed yoyojams)
xlr8(This is a very unique feeling throw so I’d try before you buy)

Thanks for your replies guys.
I kinda narrowed down my list to:
-Chaser (i heard it’s good and cheap)
-Speedaholic (decent and cheap)
-Surge (maybe)
-Rally (great, but a little expensive, even if it’s in my budget)
-Shutter (it’s metal…not sure if i’ll be too scared to ding it)
-Alpha Crash (leaning to this cuz its cheap and good…but dislike the color (yellow) xD )

Also, I’m thinking about adding Speeder2 and SFX to the list. Can you tell me how those compare to the others? Feel free to suggest other throws

The main points i’m looking for in a yoyo is durability, somewhat 5a compatibility, spin time, and ability to perform whips & slacks well.

Thanks everybody for your opinions. keep the replies coming xD

I’m gonna just comment on a few things:

I’m gonna recommend against the DM2 and the Legacy II just due to their shape. They are great, but the shape isn’t as modern and they aren’t as good for 5A but they will do it fine.

Chaser is a bit heavy, but if a protostar is great for 5A, so is a Chaser. I think you’ll want a lighter yoyo though. The Chaser doesn’t play heavy though. It’s a better 1A yoyo. But, if we’re on that shape, the Rally would be a leader there. The Rally would probably be a top choice for me to recommend to you.

Speedaholic is not decent and cheap. It’s AMAZING and cheap! It’s durable. It’s also a good shape for both styles you want as well as 3A.

Surge is good, kinda heavy. Not sure I’d go with it for 5A due to the shape.

Shutter is great, a 1A oriented thrown, but do you want to beat up a metal for 5A?

The Classic with upgrades is a fantastic choice.

The Alpha Crash is also great both ways, but seems to lack a bit of weight at the outer rims to make it a touch better for 5A. It was intended for 1A.

The SFX reminds me of a Destiny but with a larger size. The XCon Pro is a smaller version(sort of). The Shutter would be OK for both styles, but I think for the money, the Rally or Speedaholic(or even the Classic with upgrades) would be your best bets. I would seriously not ignore the Speedaholic. The low price really doesn’t represent how great this super affortable yoyo is and it’s good to play right out of the box with no issues, such as needing to clean the bearing.

Since the value of money between Vietnam and America is rather sizable, the yoyos we see as being very affordable(SFX, Rally, Shutter, even at around the $45-55 mark) are big deals to Vietnamese due to the fact that they cost so much there in the economy there. I was there back in April, and I bought a pair of Loop360’s at a store in Saigon, and the price tag was basically the same for me in in Saigon as it would have been in the USA. This made sense to me.

Just take your time researching stuff.

Spin time is more a factor of your throw, so I’m ignoring that requirement because all of these meet my requirements(and I have all the ones on your narrowed down list). Whips and slacks I can do on darn near anything so I don’t worry about that either. You might want to change strings and clean bearings.

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Check out this cool little trick tutorial

i own a shutter and i think its awsome for both 1a and 5a
my friend getting his alpha crash in like 2 days and ill tell you what i think about it