The perfect yoyo for me

I recently bought the dm2, but want a little more modern-ness in the yoyo.
I decided to get another yoyo at a budget of under $45.
So far from all my threads: I’ve been looking at :
Keep in mind I am a 1a and 5a player , and like vertical loops.
Please leave suggestions on what yoyo you think fits my prefenecd the best. Thank you all!

I don’t like the Severe. It didn’t work well with my preferences. I don’t have one but I have played one and really tried to like it.

Still, this is probably the ideal yoyo for you. It’s designed for 1A and 5A.

If you want to go cheap, then Speedaholic would be a no compromise way to go. I don’t have this one yet.

The Shutter and protostar can also do 1A and 5a.

Again, I’m leaning towards the Severe for you. Shutter would be a second. Speedaholic and Protostar tied for third, but I think I’m gonna give an edge to the Protostar for now until I play a Speedaholic.

The shutter or rally are going to be your best bet on a well playing throw in that price range


Speedaholic = Fantastic for the price but if you’re happy to spend more then you can get yoyos with better performance.

Protostar = Great throw, but made redundant by the Rally imo. Annoying spacers, too tightly screwed together, lower build quality and vibe-prone.

Shutter = Haven’t tried so no comment.

Severe = Again, haven’t tried.

Rally = Can’t say enough good things about it. Lovely throw.

Personally, I would hunt through the B/S boards a bit. For $45 you could probably pick up a dinged-but-well-playing $80+ throw. you can get some great bargains on there so it’s worth looking.