Best YOYO for 5A

hey guys, im really into 5A nowadays, and i wanna know what yoyo works best for this style? The Genesis? Severe? i mention those two because of whos signatures are on them? does it not actually matter? i currently have a DM, it works pretty alright. i like SPYY yoyo’s also if that helps

Any yoyo you like for 1A is fine. It’s not necessary to buy a new one JUST for 5A. But some of my favorite 5A yoyos are the Genesis, Severe, DreadnoughtG, Protostar and Northstar. But it’s just your preferance. To me, I think H-Shape is easier and a bit oversized for 5A and I think round is a bit harder. But the Dark Magic is perfectly fine for 5A.

You need like 5 counterweights to balance that.

try a genesis or a spyy punchline or speedfreak any yoyo for 1a works though just not as well as others.

I use one spintop button…and it kills when I do hyper pendulum (spelling) :stuck_out_tongue:

polished/raw/satined yoyos, you’ll ding em alot, so might as well not feel bad about the finish.

The Genesis is definitely most popular.

My all time favorite 5a yoyo is the genesis

I recommend either a big yo, or a mighty flea, test your skills!

oh, and you can’t leave out gold pures :smiley:

hahaha, i wouldnt be abl to forgive myself if i ever dinged that

It somewhat depends on preference.Using a big yoyo helps, but is not necessary, so I would say for 5a, a genesis, severe, protostar, northstar, etc. But really, any 1a yoyo will work for the following: 1a, 3a, 4a, 5a. Your DM should work fine.


Better now?


Sorry don’t mean to be a forum bully, I just tried to make it look a bit better to read. But I wouldn’t buy your next yoyo JUST to use for 5A. Whatever you plan on buying next (If you do, which you don’t absolutely need too) will work fine, so don’t worry about it being “perfect” for 5A.

I suggest playing 5A on all your yoyos and see which one you like best… For 5A I like my Protostar the best with my Dark Magic and Legacy tying for second…

No you don’t.

Why would you want to get a yoyo that doesn’t look or play as nice as it could? Also, what difference does it make if you ding a yoyo that is raw?

Why shouldn’t it be?

I guess what I should say is "Don’t buy a yoyo just for 5A unless you plan on getting serious about 5A because any 1A YoYo will work for 5A.

a lot of 1a yoyos dont work for 4a because theyre too unresponsive