I need help choosing a 5a yoyo

this Christmas im buying a new yoyo for 5A becuase i need somethiing better than my Metal Zero. I really want a Dark Magic but i havent seen of heard of sum1 using it for a 5a yoyo.Just give me your opinion of a good 5a yoyo plz thx. 8)

the big yo


thx but i was lookin for 5a not 4a

The FHZ is an amazing 5a yo-yo. It is way better than the metal zero. Other choices would be any of the YoYoJam yo-yos.



my bad for 5a id go with die nasty sry thought u said 4a

Any yoyo you have for 1a will be fine for 5a.

What really makes a 5A yoyo any different from a 1A yoyo? I’m no expert at 5A, but I can’t see any reason why there would be any difference.

Totaly… My favorite 5A yoyo

Preference… Some people like different yoyo’s for different styles…


I use my DM for 5A alot…

I reccomend the Die-Nasty, Legacy, PGM, Counter Attack, Protostar… These are all high end PLASTIC yoyos… So if you drop em its not heart breaking…

Truthfully there is a Major Difference. For example yoyos with wide gaps and a verry curved shaped body, like the genesis, dm, and so on… are verry good for 5a. On the other hand yoys like the G5 and pretty much anything with a more straight up and down body shape are verry difficult to do 5a on.

If your getting a new 5a go with this. http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16930&cat=251&page=1
I just got one and they are nice.\

or any of these will do. http://www.yoyonation.com/home.php?cat=270

Actually, there isn’t really any difference between the two. Yes, there is more of a difference between those and, say, and 4a or 2a yoyo, but not necessarily. Any yoyo COULD be used for any style. You could use a really unresponsive yoyo for 2a by messing with it some. You could use that same yoyo for 4a, then get another and use it for 3a, then do some 5a and 1a.

Very true. I guess i was just stating that a wider/more curved body yoyo is the typical design for 5a yoyo and IN MOST CASES (not all the time) will work better than most other designs

I dont know… I think my G5 is pretty beast at 5A

That prooves its all about preference…

It’s really just preference. I personaly like a heavy yoyo for 5a. I use DM, BK, B-Note, GM2, etc.

Thank you for all of ur help and it comes down to 3 yoyos: The Dark Magic, The X-convict, and the YoYoFactory Tactic (http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16933&cat=270&page=1)
im get the 1 yall talk most about lol

good choices. I would get the tactic ( for its looks lol)