what yoyo is good for 5a

what yoyo is good for 5a because i need to be good at it in contests

you can use any 1a yoyo for 5a. and no yoyo will make you better in contests. but my favorite 5a yoyo is a sili recessed fhz. hope you find what you are looking for :slight_smile:

unfortunately the yoyo won’t make that much of a difference (as in between being good and being bad)

practice will

my 2 favorite ones for now are a YYF DV888 and a SPYY Addiction

Well a higher quality yoyo will help or at least it won’t hurt. Try to get a shape you like best and put a koncave or center track bearing in it.

I prefer mid size/ weight, heavy spinning, V shaped yoyos for 5a but that may just be because I’m a freak.

Anything you dont mind being dinged to crap during practice. I love using my Protostar, or Dienasty.

A plastic yoyo would be best for this. Also, you must like the feel or else you’ll have a hard time catching and throwing. 5A play would be light to medium weighted yoyo’s feel best for me because they’re floaty enough. Any 1A will do 5A. My suggestion is Protostar.

I know I love my DV888, cheap, 50mm (I hate big throws), well balanced, long spin times (got a ceramic KK in there) and metal, I just can’t stand plastic unless it’s delrin

but for around 40 bucks it’s probably one of the nicest yoyo you can find unless you go chinese (the DV888 is made in china tho)

Raptor is also one of the best for under45 bucks.

I asked this same question last month and this thread is just like the last one hehe. Depending on your proficiency, I’d definitely look at something plastic, like the throw monkey as it has rubber rims which help reduce a lot of noise and damage to the yo when you drop it. Furthermore it won’t hurt your hands like a solid plastic yo. And make sure to try the rubber ball for the counterweight vs anything else like the die or a metal counterweight like what comes with the duncan driffter. because OUCH

Well I’m going for a protostar soon because it’s a high performing yoyo ( as in not like a fast 201 or a journey, or Duncan dragonfly) and the plastic should provide ample durability

Dark magic 2 and for awhile I was using my 888x. But I think the sasquatch trumps the other two just cause the huge gap is nice for 5a

I say a phenomizm would be good for 5a, its shape is all catch, it is very anti tilt, the solid spin axle is amazing, comes with a kk bearing, and it gots the “PUMPS”. The phenomeizm works hard so you don’t have to, if you don’t like the price maybe you should look into the sfx, the set up is some what the same minus the bearing and minus the “PUMPS”. ;D