5a yoyo recommendation


So Im looking into getting more into 5a and Id like to know which yoyo is good for the job. I want it to be RESPONSIVE cuz i started with my yyf ONE large bearing and i dont really like to get into binds until Im more comfortable with 5a and the slim bearing only sleeps like 10 seconds while im doing tricks. Once i get more comfortabl ewith 5a Ill go unresponsive with my ONE or dm2 thats coming my way. But i want to start off responsive. So… what yoyos would be good?


I’d say you should start unresponsive and learn you bind better.

But if you want to start with 5A, get a Counter weight and use the slum bearing in your DM2 and you’ll be fine.

I prefer using my YYJ Destiny(with KK) and YYJ Classic(with YYJ Speed bearing and siliconed) for 5A. If I want to go YYF, its usually either my stackless grind machine or DieNasty that I go do.


i can already bind and can do it well but I just want to start responsive with 5a to get a better feel for 5a first,thanks for the recomendations


5a isnt that hard to pick up on, you just catch the counterweight and bind like you normally do.


Get a Walter.


I think responsive is a pain for 5a, ask my knuckles from using a fh2. My favorite yoyo for 5a is a protostar, it seems to move just right for 5a. If you have to do responsive, I say a yyj Classic. If you start responsive and move to unresponsive, it will go as far as you want, although I still prefer a Protostar to it.


Get an alpha crash, classic(with large bearing and silicone) or fhz w/ mod spacer for 5a is what I’ll recommend.


Dienasty is a good cheap 5a and yet it plays high level for me anyway. I enjoy throwing freehand with it.


Yyf dienasty is awesome for 5a. Also , I recommend starting off unresponsive, especially since you know how to bind seems like there’s no reason to do responsive, and believe it or not unresponsive is easier anyway.


I highly suggest using a metal yoyo for 5A, plastic ones don’t put up with the abuse very well, and tend to make people hesitant while throwing. I really wouldn’t suggest a protostar, the rings pop, the axles bend, the body’s crack, and the spacers get stuck to the bearing.
Any yoyo with a 4.0 mm gap or smaller will play responsive just fine. What you are going to want to do is just add some lube to the bearing.
So for this case I think your best bet is picking up a yoyo with a few dings on it from the bst. Shouldn’t cost you more then 40 shipped, you will likely be able to pick one up for half that, if you really look around.
making a post looking for a beat metal yoyo for under 40 bucks may snag you one quicker but it may not. bst can be fickle sometimes.


I’m using a maverick and a metal drifter for 5a and occasionally my echo . I’d go for the maverick , it’s comes stock responsive and can easily be turned unresponsive . it’s metal and pretty sturdy ( can take a beating ) . Good price for such a throw it won’t break the bank either.


I agree with Schnayke. I really love plastic yoyos, but for learning 5a it’s way easier to have something metal and wide. If you want it to play tug responsive, you can add thick lube.

(Jei Cheetah) #13

As a competitive 5A player for many years, I have to say that I have to disagree with the comments about not using a plastic, or using responsive when learning.

I learned 5A mainly on a FHZ, and played said FHZ responsive.
I find that learning 5A on a responsive yoyo is very beneficial, as it teaches you to play carefully, and “anti-sloppy” essentially. Using an unresponsive yoyo from the start in 5A can develop some bad habits which I definitely have seen with many newer 5A players who jump into unresponsive 5A at the start.

Using a plastic is fine when learning, as there will be many drops, and dinging up a metal while not the end of the world, isn’t fun when dealing with little jagged dings possibly coming into contact with your knuckles.

My personal recommendation for learning 5A, is a stock FHZ with a single silicone sticker instead of the standard friction pads. This is what I learned on, and kept things fun, interesting, safe, and beneficial.

And for the record, responsive 5A in terms of modern 5A is very much doable.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNHVN9E1Vzg and a stock FHZ will be able to take you far.