5A yoyo

Can anyone give me a suggestion for a stable 5A yoyo for a beginner? I’m looking around but dont know which ones are stable. Thanks

Uhm… really any yoyo would work. Duncan freehand zero, yyf one star, yyj classic are some suggestions for a beginner. I use a one drop rally for 5a and it works great!

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I would start with the original (or as close as you’re going to find) Freehand Zero. Take out one friction sticker so it won’t be super responsive to start, and try and get one with a rubber ball because you will drop it a lot when starting 5A and the ball is easier to maintain a grip on too.

Depends on how much you can spend.
At any rate the same things that make a 1A yoyo good, make a 5A yoyo good.
In other words 1A and 5A yoyos are the same thing. Find one you like. You will likely find the yoyo you like for 5a is different then the one you like for 1A. However Starting with a yoyo you like in 1A is a great idea.

Does it really? If the OP can afford to spend $500 on an Oxy Hyperion you think that’s a good thing to use for 5A? Money has nothing to do with it, for starting 5A you want something cheap and durable with a counterweight. Once you can throw the basics of 5A then yes, most 1A yo-yos work fine but why would you spend more than necessary on a yo-yo that’s going to be hitting the floor often?

Because some people don’t care if they hit the floor. I do, but I know some people out there don’t.

I have been YYJ classic with a wide bearing for 5a and it works fairly well because I am still a noob at 5a.

No but if he has a 500$ budget then he could get something a long the lines of anything he wants. So in that case he can just get the yoyo he thinks will work best for 1A, and then just use it for 5A like I said. No where in there did I say you should spend the most you can. However it is my opinion that plastic yoyos make bad 5A throws because they simply don’t handle the abuse most of the time. I strongly suggest using metal yoyos. I find yoyos in the 60$ range to be all I ever need to spend. That being said my favorite yoyo for 5A is the barebones Mg. So that might be a bit out of his reach if he is asking me what the best 5A yoyo is. Sorry you didn’t understand what I was saying.

Yoyomonster Agonist is excellent for 5A but pretty hard to find. I know a site that still has one for 19800 yen, PM me if interested. Yoyorecreation Laser is also pretty good for 5A. Also 19800 yen and hard to find right now but I can still find one.

Yoyomonster Checkmate is also supposed to be good, it’s about $60 cheaper and easy to find.

Yoyojam Next Level, Yoyofactory Supernova, Yoyofactory Genesis are also supposed to be good but I’ve never used them.

You don’t need to be that afraid about banging around a yoyo especially if it’s a 7075 like the first too I mentioned, as long as you take some precautions. Dice collisions normally don’t mar 7075 yoyos but MIGHT strip tiny amounts of paint on very hard collisions. You could use a Duncan Throw Monkey counterweight instead, they are like $2 or $3 and some kind of rubber. They work pretty well and are less painful to catch, won’t mar a yoyo if it collides. Also always throw in a large room above carpet. A 5A throw can get away from you pretty easily when you’re starting out. I actually practice in a large room where I’ve lined the walls with pillows but that’s more to protect the walls. You just have to watch out for things harder than aluminum for the most part, like steel chair legs.

If you are worried about collisions and such just get a good plastic or better yet Delrin yoyo. I imagine the sOMETHING Crazy-D would be pretty good but I haven’t tried it.

I HAVE tried a Duncan Freehand Zero, and I found it really hard to learn tricks on due to relatively low spin times, small catch zone, etc., but on the other hand it is quite cheap and comes with a counterweight.

Anyway, good luck, 5A is pretty hard to learn at first but I think it’s the most fun style :slight_smile:

If you aren’t worried about getting one with a counterweight, the C3 Speedaholic is really good and stable too.

Wait…you say in your profile your favorite yoyo is the YYF Supernova. Just slap a counterweight onto a string and use that! It’s a great 5A yoyo.