a good beginner 5a yoyo

I trying to do 5a a need a beginner yoyo because this would be my first time.Any suggestioins?

take a 1a yoyo, put a counterweight on it.

Depends on how you want to approach this. For now, I’ll just stick with pre-packaged sets.

First, there’s the Freehand Zero(FHZ). It comes with 3 counterweights: bouncy ball, dice, head.
Ahother option might by the Flying Squirrel, which also comes with a squirrel head counterweight.
The Freakhand and FH2(same thing) come with a dice. I have a FH2 and the complete Freakhand set and got my boy a blue Freakhand since he wants to do 5A(he’s 5 and a half) and he’s DOING IT.
Duncan also has the Throw Monkey.
The YYJ Pinnacle is nice too, that’s what I’m playing.

Most of these options are under $20 and depending on sales, might be around $10 or so. The Duncans tend to be responsive, so typical simple mods are required like clean the bearing and remove a sticker.

Great, now I’m on the hunt for a Throw Monkey and maybe a Flying Squirrel.(and maybe a flying Panda too! but that’s an undersized 4A)

I started learning on a Pinnacle, but quickly moved onto using my DM2 once I’d found a new YoYo for 1A. Freehand 2s and Freehand Zeros are also popular beginner 5a YoYos but I’ve never owned either.

I can vouch for the YoYoJam Pinnacle though, it’s incredibly durable! It’s a great choice since you’re going to be hitting a lot of stuff with your YoYo when you start out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Store links:
YoYoJam Pinnacle

Duncan Freehand Zero

Duncan Freehand 2

PSG or Asteroid.

I’d recommend a Metal Drifter. I feel like they are a step above from the previously mentioned Duncan’s. Just buy new pads for it(dif-pads, silicone stickers, etc.,) that are less responsive and play it like that. It will be unresponsive after about an hour because the bearing will have broken in. I love the metal drifter, even for 1A it’s my favorite $20 at the moment

id say get a yyj destiny

i bought a dice counterweight and put it on my yomega maverick! perfect for freehand learners (like me)

A little pricey for a beginner 5a YoYo don’t you think?

I started 5a on a metal drifter with dif pads and kk bearing and I swapped out the skull weight for a die. Worked great for me.

I would highly recommend starting out with a Freehand Zero. It doesn’t really matter which counterweight you use, each of the CWs that come with it work great. I would encourage you to learn the basic skills of 5A on a responsive setup as it will help to smooth out your style in the future. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you can then adjust the FHZ to be unresponsive.


Just pick a beginner 1a yoyo then ad a counter weight on the end of the string.

My setup is the Adegle Asteroid with an eraser counterweight. I poked a hole through a square eraser and then tied thmit onto the string. This way, I won’t ding the yoyo, or hurt anybody or anything around me.

That should help you with correcting mistakes!

That was a good idea! Wish I’d thought of that.

That was funny. Gave me a good chuckle.