What Counterweight yoyo should i start with???


Depending on your preferences, start with something plastic. Go from there. Get something that you think would be good. A Duncan FHZ isnt a bad idea because it comes with counterweights ergo it would be good for a person beginning counterweight play. From personal experience, the Yoyojam Lyn Fury and the Yoyofactory Velocity are quite good 5a throws.

i really like the ENEME for 5a

a plastic yoyo if ur gonna use dice if not get a yoyo that can become responsive or unresponsive for practice binding with the cw in hand

Uh… Use something you have and like for 1A. No need to go out and buy a new yoyo.

The New Freehand would be good, it comes with a Counterweight. Otherwise any 1A you have laying around will work.

just stick a counterweight on the yoyo you have right now. if you have to get a new one, i use my protostar most often for 5a.

yes i agree any yoyo can be used for counterweight although if you mind your metals getting scratched go with a plastic that way its not too expensive.

Although it’s somewhat expensive for a plastic yo-yo, the protostar is my choice for 5A. Yes, you can get a dark magic for 5 dollars more, but the protostar comes with a center track bearing (YYF’s version of a KK)! The protostar is great. It has great spin time and is very stable. It’s plastic, so don’t worry about dinging it! A protostar is what I use for 5A, and I think it’s great. But this is just my opinion.

Totaly reccomend a FreehandZero!! Cheap, durable, 3 counterweights, and really fun… Just one silicone sticker and a good throw and it plays very unresponsive

I personally don’t mind using a Dienasty for a 5a throw but some people might argue with that.