Counterweight YoYo recomendations

Hey, I am thinking of getting a Counterweight Yoyo, but ive never even used one. I am pretty good at 1A stuff, I use a YYF 888, but 5A is starting to look cooler and cooler to me. I’d really like to give it a try. Any recomendations for a 5A beginer?? I was Thinking of getting the YYJ Destiny. But im a little unsure seeing as how ive never done 5A…

Just add a counterweight and you’re good to go.

Sure, you can use something specifically sold as a 5A yoyo, but really, it just mostly seems like a 1A yoyo with a counterweight bundled into the package.

Since you’re a little unsure, this is the best way to go. Buy a counterweight or set of weights. Try it for a bit. If you like it, then maybe go for it all the way with a Destiny or something like that.

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That pretty much says it right there. Most yoyo’s that are revered as 5a yoyo’s aren’t sold as such. They are sold as 1a yoyos. Just remember you don’t want anything small.

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my favorite 5a yoyo is the duncan free hand zero with a dual silicone recess and another favorite yoyo of mine for 5a is the yyj kickside.

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The ducan fhz comes with cw’s and you won’t be scared of dinging it.

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I try to pick anything that is stable and big. The Genesis, for me, is the ultimatum of 5a yoyos. I also love the Starlight, Lyn Fury, and Metal Drifter. Oh and the FH2 is awesome too.

I just started 5a with my Lyn Fury and I’m loving it! More then when I did 5a with my Northstar.

Any 1a yoyo should work great for counter weight (at least when you first start learning it). Larger diameter 1a yoyos I think would work better for 5a, just because your going to be throwing the string into the gap often and having a bigger yoyo might make that easier for you.

So if you already have a larger sized 1a yoyo that should work just fine for now. Good luck! :wink:

the genesis is great for 5a.
But really any 1a yoyo should be able to play 5a just fine. In my case, I have a cw on a FHZ, FH2, Protostar, DM2, Lynfury, and an 888. I also sometimes use my g5.
Edit: How could I forget? The die nasty is amazing for counterweight. Unfortunately mine’s out of commission (hopefully not permanently) right now.

i honestly think the yoyofactory starlite is great for 5a

Yyj destiny and yyf supernova are two of my favs

I’ve found out that any yoyo that weighs 64 to 67 grams is cw yoyo

stablility is the number one thing you are going to want in a 5A yoyo. Lots of them out there now a days. My fav. is the 09’ severe, I don’t much like the 2010’s, supernovas are more like the 09’s which is nice. :slight_smile: Good luck.
Also bead stores, they could be renamed counterweight stores. :wink:

That’s half the fun for me is finding interesting counterweights. Found a little $1 Hello Kitty figure with just the right sized head at Target. Cut the head off and drilled it and put it on my daughter’s pink Speedmaker. Now I’m the best dad evar! Found a very cool perfect size Ironman head on the same trip. Unfortunatly it was attached to a $20 action figure. Maybe I’ll find him again in a thrift store one day…

Have Fun,

I have an old sword necklace thing as a cw on my protostar :smiley:
It might be a bit more dangerous than a plastic dice, but it looks so much cooler :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: by the way, it’s not sharp at all. just thought I should mention that.

duncan metal drifter with a clean bearing, a bouncyball cw and 1 silicone sticker is pretty good.

the yyf whip is great. its what i use for 5a.

ive tried it with an 888x; i didnt like it too much, but anything full size is usually the best imo