5A yoyos

so, i bought a counter-weight set this past weekend. Though i know i can connect it to any 1A yoyo, i was wondering, as i really start to get into 5A, are there any characteristics that make for good (or poor) 5A play - or will any 1A yoyo do fine (i.e. if you like it for 1A, you will like it for 5A)


Really any on will be ok, you just will want to find one that comfy to hold and catch in the hook catch. Rim weight is good and H profiles seem to be popular. Im using superstar2016 to teach me. so far so good!

As I’ve just started to try 5A in the past few months I’ve found that something I didn’t realize is how often I’d be completely dropping my yoyo. Because of this a plastic yoyo might be a good first choice until you get your skill set built up. A Replay Pro with a counter weight would work well.

I have a couple Magic Yoyo N12 yoyos which are really nice, but cheap, yoyos. I added the counter weight to one of those and it’s working well and I don’t get too upset when I drop it and ding it.

And I do drop it, and I do ding it. I think that’s all part of learning 5A.

For a 5A yo-yo; just use whatever yo-yo you’re comfortable with and don’t mind dinging/scratching. You’re going to drop the yo-yo a lot and hit it with the counterweight when learning 5A.

I don’t remember the exact number, but I think the counterweight is supposed to be like 1/7 the weight of the yo-yo? (i’m sure someone will correct that if I’m wrong). It doesn’t need to be so precise when learning, you’ll get the feel for it after a while and can experiment with different yo-yo/counterweight setups.

I’ve been using a Metal Replay with a Duncan Casino Die which I like, but I’m not too great at 5A.

I use a replay pro and it works really well. Durable, and the weight is perfect. Awesome 5A Yoyo.

Counterweight is said to be ideal in the 1/6 to 1/7th the weight of yoyo. Lighter or heavier will simply be preference.

good info, i may attach it to my shu-ta for now - it is a stronger metal and more likely to ding my house than get dinged :smiley: - right now i am just working on getting comfy with the throw and catch, and maybe the double trapeze and tossing the counterweight - nothing fancy i am likely to drop yet.

soon i plan on ordering that yye starter set that comes with 2 1080s for looping and a plastic 1a yoyo. I will likely use that plastic one for the real 5a stuff.

right now i am using the duncan counterweight set - i am using the rubber ball. pretty comfy when i miss it, and doesn’t bang into the yoyo.

as always, thanks for the input!