So a recent trade left me with a counter weight to try 5A. What makes a good 5A choice in your opinion? I have been thinking about strapping the weight onto a replay pro for the simple fact that when i drop it i wont care or possibly onto a beat up shutter. Any advice is much appreciated!

Hey there!

In reality, any yoyo that works well for 1a will be good for 5a. Many playersrefer to use low wall angular shaped yoyos for 5a in terms of the competition scene, but really preference differs among many, heck I’ve seen people compete with the clash cube, so there’s obviously some differentials.
The replay pro should be a fine yoyo to use for starting out some 5A play, and should be able to take you pretty far. :3

Start with the replay since itll be lighter, and that counterweight (i meant to ship 2, and just found the other one that was supposed to be in there as well!) will likely match the weight of the replay better. You might want to double up if you put it on the shutter (add a second dice) to get to that apparent sweet spot of 6-1, meaning that the counterweight should be somewhere in the vicinity of 1/6th the weight of the yoyo. 1/5 and 1/7th will also be acceptable, just preference.

just wait until you do your first trapeze with the OTHER hand. Its mentally crippling and amazing at the same time. :o

also, when you drop it (and you WILL drop it) be ready to step on the string to keep that lil guy from tearing off into who knows what or where. A dirtier string is preferred to a lost yoyo down a drainage grate, or what ever might be around that you dont want your yoyo in (water?) i dunno, just be ready to step on it. Also dont be afraid to drop it if you get in a weird place. Its WAY better to drop it and start over than to have it bind up with tangled and smash your hands up.

Im very novice in 5A but so far my favorite after trying Shutter, ONEstar, Primo, and Superstar2016 is the superstar. Its BOSS (at least fore me) still plays glass smooth too after countless drops.

Play over carpet or grass to avoid unnecessary damage cause like i said you WILL drop it.

I hope you like it!! ;D

All good tips. I have a superstar actually that I don’t love. Maybe it’ll find its place as a 5A learning tool for me