What makes a throw good for 5A

I consider myself pretty knowledgable when it comes to 1A, But I’m a total noob when it comes to 5A. But I recently have started dabbling in it. I notice that the Duncan free hand models have medium to high walls, and other throws geared towards 5A like the die-nasty also have higher walls. So I am assuming that the high walls that are not so desirable for 1A are for 5A? Right now I am using my protostar and my zenith, they seem to work good for being a beginner “and I’m not so worried about dropping them” I’m just curious to hear what some of you guys are using for your freehand set ups.

I’ve heard that h-shapes were the best,but there is no higwalled h-shape in my knowledge,but the highwall seems logic.

Really anything that’s suitable for 1a.

YYF G5 is kind of high-walled…ish
I think any yoyo you are comfortable using in 1A is good for 5A

Low wall, high stability are the two most important things. 5a has a lot more Z axis (3d) motion to it than other styles, so having a yoyo that will be effected by that as little as possible is what you want.

For the most part, if you like it for 1a you’ll like it for 5a with a handful of exceptions. For instance, I love the Phenom and Gradient for 1a, but I can’t get them to work for 5a.

I was just writing a thread for this lol but you beat me too it I was wondering the same thing

I read it is important to to keep your yoyo to counterweight ratio around 7 to 1
Does that sound accurate?

It is.

6 to 1. 7 to 1 is a little too light. Duncan dice weigh about 10.5 grams, the average yoyo weights 66 grams. Personally I use a 65g yoyo and a 10.9g counterweight.

I don’t underrtsnad the weight ratio thing fully im still a noob to 5a can someone please fully explain to it me im currently using the takeshi dice and have a yyf space cowboy hub stack and shutter Yoyo

Well jake is a beast at 5A so I take anything he says to heart. So if you are using a 6:1 ratio for your shutter that means you want 1 gram of counterweight for ever 6 grams of your shutter 67.8/6=11.3
So in order to get proper play with your shutter using a counterweight you want it to weight around 11g
"Btw if your a noob to 5A like I am I defaintly wouldn’t use that space cowboy, in fact I Wouldn’t use a metal at all ;D

Lol I’m not using the space cowboy yet I’m only using my shutter cause that’s my throw that I beat up it was a gift from my sister when I got back into throws

Hey jake quick 5a question what type of string do you prefer to use for 5a

Jake has his own string. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,50942.0.html

Thanks for telling me Gonna pick some up

He also makes his own counterweights, which I would absolutely love to try, but he can’t sale them legally, and I highly doubt he’s just gonna give them away for free lol.
So jake, maybe you can sell the counterweights and one peice of string
“They are just necklaces Duncan”

What he can do is when u buy a bundle of 100 string you get the counter weight for free so he can’t get into trouble since he is giving away and not selling the counter weight

I mean even if it’s a promotional gift I think that is still considered selling it. Lol
There is still a transaction of money in order for you to get the CW, and he is benefiting finically from their patent, do I don’t think Duncan would have any of that.

Yeah you do have a point I don’t see why ducan can’t just give up the patent cause it’s holding a lot of people back from selling their cw which I have seen on here to pretty good looking cw like jakes

i use a supernova. i usually designate a yoyo for 5a that i didn’t mind dinging a little bit, because I’m a noob.