5a! lots of questions.

Hey guys, I haven’t played 5a in probably about a year. I’m looking to start up again mainly because I’m getting bored with 1a, and want to learn all the tricks on Miguel Correa’s site. I remember how to do tricks up to bee sting. I have a few questions.

  1. what are the best counter weights? general knowledge about counter weights? tips? any links on where to buy interesting counter weights? cool items you use? I use the duncan bouncy balls, but I’m looking for something cooler.

  2. what general stats or properties of a yoyo make it good for 5a? I used to use my protostar, but I’ve gotten a LOT of yoyos since I used to do 5a, and I’m wondering what else that I have is good. Now that I threw a couple of throws with a protostar, it feels really uncomfortable. Miguel Correa uses the genesis as far as I can tell. How good is it as a 5a throw?

  3. at what point do you stop dropping? I’m still a tad nervous to use metals for 5a because I’m really a stickler for dings. Do you pros hit the floor often, or is it about the same as 1a? I’m not that good and I drop every now and then.

thanks in advance

  1. Everyone prefers different counterweights. The material, shape and weight are the biggest factors. I use a standard duncan die which I prefer although it can be painful.
    Typically, counterweights should be 1g per 7g of yoyo. E.g. 70g yoyo, 10g counterweight. However, I prefer a heavier counterweight. The counterweight to yoyo weight ratio affects the way you do some tricks.
    If you want to modify the weight of a counterweight, you can fill parts of it with lead, but thats a hassle and if i want to, I can use blu-tack to stick onto my counterweight. Makes it less painful too.
    I can recommend the takeshi die by yoyojam. It has a bearing inside that helps you maintain tension.

  2. Personally, I like rim weight. I find it makes the yoyo stable. Low wall and not being too wide are good properties too. 3A yoyos make good 5A yoyos too.
    The genesis is very good for 5A. It spins for a good few minutes and is stable as a rock.
    If you need an inexpensive metal for 5A, the Duncan Torque is extremely good.

  3. You will never, stop dropping the yoyo. Especially for 5a. A beater metal will be good for 5A, but it will be dropped, scuffed and potentially have rings fall out (Shai’s agonist).
    However, up to a certain point, you drop it a lot less, but if you do aerials and bee stings frequently, it will happen. Experienced players drop it as many times as one dings his throws, perhaps more frequently than that.

5A is a fun style, don’t let too much get in the way of you playing it. Just sacrifice 1 yoyo for hours of fun :slight_smile: