5A yoyo

what is the best counterweight yo yo? i want to learn 5A.

genesis imo

every yoyo can be used in 5a there is no best


But yeah, any yoyo that you like for 1A can be use for 5A.
From FH2010 to DreadnoughtG.

the thing is, you should like the feel of the yoyo.
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there is no “best” counterweight yoyo I personally would prefer the dark magic it’s weight is centered just right so that you may have a nice all metal feel i find it great for counterweight

CounterWeight criteria can be on feel, so and most yoyo 's that would feel good to you is great. They can also range from FHZ to Genesis or 888 (I’ve tried) and there all good. FHZ seems to be popular while the DarkMagic2 is used in tutorials.

I use a Gorylla :stuck_out_tongue: D bearing FTW


I would say a stable yoyo, you are going to be moving it in and out of plane a lot. I think stability, as in it doesn’t tilt easy, is the most help in 5A.
But like everyone else said anything really, just as long as it is good for 1A it will work.
I would suggest a freehand or duncan product of some sort when you start so you can get some counterweights.

personally, i use my PGM2, because it’s plastic and has an H-Shape. The H-shape I find is more comfortable to throw when doing Counterweight. and the plastic body means no dings when it hits the ground… and it WILL hit the ground eventually. I dont ever learn a new 5A trick on any of my metals, i always start with the PGM

so H-Shape. and possibly plastic for your first one…

I agree, go plastic. I would not even try this on my metals. I started 5A with the lyn fury and its good because it has a nice catch zone(something to think about too), but when i dropped it, it was really loud in the house so, I think something like a duncan Throw Monkey which has rubber rims to compensate mistakes is a good idea. Even though it looks totally pre-school hehe.

Cant go wrong with a Freehand zero for a Freehand 2010… Plus they come with counter weights

Metals will take a larger beating then a plastic, So I would actually suggest a metal. But that is more a money thing then anything.

Hmm… I don’t know abouth the money thing because I would play I would choose a protostar or freehand over any metal yoyo even if they’re the same price. It’s not just because that metal will get beat up more or price (as you said), but also to me, plastic has the right weight to it and most bi-metals or weight rings give enough spin and stableness for 5A. I’d save the metal yoyo for 1A.
Just IMO.

cheap cw yoyo = fhz or glownasty

bimetal cw yoyo = atmosphere or protostar

metal cw yoyo = g5 or genesis

Just got an EPIC today… awesome 5A throw

Man I am starting to really like this place, the post are just about as funny as you can get. LOL That is freak’in classic. So you think plastic is more durable then metal huh? Good stuff.


I’ve yet to see a post from you that is actually helpful.

I just picked up a severe. It’s pretty good. I also like the Crucial Soda but I can do 2 5a tricks though.